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Eduapolin pulls out another fun mod for us, and only a couple hours after playable Acklays. Here, we have playable Gamorreans. Who hasn't dreamed of turning into a bipedal pig beast and smashing rebels with an axe?

Well. For the few of you who do(and those who don't) those dreams can now be realised. As always, back up your file before replacing. This replaces the mission.lvl in your BattlefrontII\GameData\Data\_LVL_PC folder.

This mod unlike others doesn't replace it on just one map, but four, and replaces the imperials. You can go on a little piggy rampage on Tantive IV, Jabba's Palace(of course), Kashyyk and Dagobah. Good work again eduapolin.

It's the season of giving, so keep these great mods coming.




This is a mod that makes the Gamorrean Guard available to play as(Replacing the Empire) on
these maps:
Tantive IV (Conquest)
Jabba's Palace (Conquest)
Kashyyyk (Conquest)
Dagobah (Conquest)

*Note*: I can't do on any other maps... sorry


Make a backup of the mission.lvl located at BattlefrontII\GameData\Data\_LVL_PC and then replace
the file with the one on this package.


Just replace the mission.lvl with the backup you made =P

THIS IS FREE! Any ideas for Hex-mods, e-mail me!!

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Me ->Eduardo Apolinário (edapolin/eduapolin)

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