Polus: Hidden Cavern

See the screenshots and the readme for details.


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See the screenshots and the readme for details.

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Download 'pgm_v1.0_wscreenshots.zip' (57.99MB)


+Installation Instructions----------------------------------------------------+
|1. Extract to any folder
|2. Move the folder named "PGM" to your Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/Addon
|   folder
|3. Run Star Wars Battlefront II

+Changes since last Beta version----------------------------------------------+
|* Improved AI a little bit (but not much)
|* Gave the Defiler command sounds
|* Deleted a bunch of files from the PGM folder to reduce filesize a lot

|* Transparent textures disappear behind Rhen Var ice
|* Camera occasionally goes through a wall
|* Spar holds one arm out while flying with the rocket launcher
|* Friendly fire must be on for Ewok to die when he self-destructs
|* Quinlan Vos, Plo Koon, Luminara, IG-88, and Thrawn do not appear if you do
|  not have the latest version of the SWBF1 conversion pack
|* Conquest, Galactic Civil War crashes if you have version 1.7.6 of the SWBF1
|  conversion pack installed
|* No Mandalorian announcer
|* Some players may experience inexplicable invisible walls

+Special thanks to------------------------------------------------------------+
|* ]v[ for the Dark Trooper P III
|* Schizo for the weequay grenadier skin and help getting the dreadlocks to
|   work
|* Archer01 for help with the self-destruct and the AI heroes script
|* Fordo, Dragon93, and Wazmol69 for the Mandalorian Skins
|* Fordo, C-26, and Teancum for the clone commander skins (except for Bacara--I
|  made him myself)
|* Teancum for his jetpackless Mandalorian (and The_Emperor for providing the
|  files)
|* My beta testers: LastJedi, dgass, Darth_Z13, -Yock-, and EGG_GUTS
|* Everyone who helped me in the modding forum

You can contact me via PM (username Authraw) on www.gametoast.com


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