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This map by PvtParts is some time in the making - I remember playing an early version of this about a year ago. Regardless, this is an early...


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This map by PvtParts is some time in the making - I remember playing an early version of this about a year ago. Regardless, this is an early part to a series of maps he's planning on making, spanning Episodes 1-6.

To be honest, not much appears to have changed since I played it about a year ago, although that's not necessarily a bad thing. This is still one of, if not the best Naboo map I've played. For starters, it's a massive map. There are something like 12-ish CPs, and a wide variety of settings, all kept within the context of the Battle of Grassy Plains, as seen in Episode 1. From the Gungan's "sacred place," to a crashed Trade Fed lander (which for some reason I remembered as being more a part of the map the first go-around), to the hill we saw all those MTT's crest at the beginning of the battle, this map has it all.

In addition to being beautifully designed, this map has (presumably) accurate localizations, units, and weapons. You've got a selection of (mostly melee) Gungan units versus battledroids and droidekas. There's also a commander droid class, which was a nice homage to OOM-9's short appearance.

This map isn't without flaws, however. As with any map with high unit counts, the lag is noticeable, even at low settings. Also, the map is highly unbalanced in the CIS's favor, despite Gungans initially outnumbering them two-to-one. Additionally, there is a bug with the basic Gungan unit (w/ Electropole). If you use his jump attack, all his moves are frozen except for his roll. Roll to fix this problem.

I'd definitely recommend giving this map a try, it's certainly worth your time.


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Download 'nacv6.zip' (64.51MB)

0.1.2 - Naboo
version 6.0

Pvt. Parts

Contact me at [email protected]

Nothing in this mod may be edited, reused, altered, or joined without my express permission.

I am perfectly content with sharing my works, especially after they've been released.
So just send me a message and I will see what I can do.


0.1.2 - Naboo depicts the Battle of Grassy Plains (Gungans versus Trade Federation, Episode 1), otherwise
simply known as the Battle of Naboo. The layout is simple enough - the Trade Federation starts upon a massive
hilltop with an array of MTTs, AATs, and STAPs. Down below the gungans hold 3 forward command points meant to
stop the Trade Federation advance. The fambaa breeding grounds to the North East are defended by the gungans,
much like the ancient ruins that lie in the far West. There is a gungan outpost on the outskirts of the swamps,
meant as a last line of defense should the front lines fall. Once this and the other two outside command
points are capped, only the gungan swamps remain.

As with all my maps, the sides are completely redone for accuracy and playability. Due to this, they play much
different than the standard BFII sides. Weapons in general do more damage, and infantry-class units are no
longer the 'tanks' they once were. 1 to 2 shots from a standard weapon will do most infantry in. Point is,
you will likely have to change your tactics on my maps. Things like cover and teamwork are all the more

Another note - weapons (specifically those of vehicles) are now much more powerful. They also have a
mathmatically determined (based off the weapon class) splash radius on explosion. So when you're cruising
along in your AAT, beware of your aim. The Energy-Shells, for instance, pack a punch - and you will find 
yourself on the recieving end of this punch if you launch them off at your "feet".

And finally, I need to justify the 'invincible' fambaas. They have no animation, when I got the animation
files (converted from BFI) and tried to implement them, the game crashed. We can't have fambaas just
disappearing (which is what happens when the animation-less creatures die), thus, we can't have fambaas dieing.
So I gave them, through the lua, infinite (or maybe just really really high) health. You can still take out
the shields (just shoot them a lot), but the fambaas will remain standing where they at full health. Sorry,
I wish I could fix it, but for now, I cannot.


Extract NAC to your addon folder


C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon


0.1.2 - Naboo has tons of new models (special thanks to Rekubot), completely revamped sides and effects, animated CIS
Landers flying in, new and accurate sounds and a vast landscape. Without the help of these people it wouldn't be anywhere near what it is now.

(please note this list is comprehensive, not all of it being map-specific)

Credit goes to (Alphabetized):

 - AceMastermind - Lucrehulk-class Trade Fed ship model
 - Big-Rich (actual name?) - Help with Fambaa's and their shields
 - Challenger33 - Skin Pack
 - DarthDeathRow - Anakin Sith skin
 - Dragonum - DC-15s Sidearm Blaster, number of other models (venator/acclamator/rescuscant/munificient/IH etc)
 - Dragon93 - Numerous skins including grapple droid and a number of clone legions
 - Gogie - some very nice models (cis coreship!)
 - Ipodzanyman - Blur and sun fx help
 - Lord Bandu - A whole ton of movie-accurate sounds, and a number of models (palm tree, etc)
 - Majin Revan - Much help, some files/resources, e5s sniper odf assistance
 - MasterSaitek009 - Base odf setup for Force Freeze/Heal, Madclaw Wookiee framework, along with a number of other units, help with effects/anims
 - Maveritchell - Help with lightning effects
 - minilogoguy18 - Star Viper and N-1
 - NeVaR - DC-15S Blaster Carbine
 - Penguin - Technical help
 - Psych0fred - N-1 sounds, N-1 cockpit model, framework for N-1 weapons odf's, much help with sound, and a number of other models (flash speeder etc) help with effects
 - Qdin - DC-17m Weapons, Command/Sec/Pilot droid, numerous models (dead clone bodies)
 - Rekubot - DH-17 Blaster Pistol Model, Gungan Booma Models, and Beta Testing,  other models (lots of guns and stuff)
 - RevanSithLord - Beta Testing
 - Saturn_V - making a staff (Gungan Electropole)
 - Syth - Skins (Talz Jedi)
 - Taivyx - Blackhole Trooper skin
 - Teancum - Much help, and getting things going (kaadu..commando)
 - t551 - Gungan Energy Shield, few other models
 - Vyse - Help with skinning (provided a reference file), and work on clone commando
 - Wide_Boy - A number of models (bunkers/silo/wall/crates)
 - YankFan1950 - help with effects/anims
 - ]v[ - Numerous Units, including a scaled dark trooper and twiliek spy. Also gave me the framework and refreshed my memory, bringing the lightsaber wielding trooper from Ep V's concept art back to my attention
 - -_- - Force Wave Power Framework (released with lost and found files, along with custom sabercolors)
 - 00M-9 - DC-15S Blaster Carbine, Command/Sec/Pilot droid

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