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Well this is the Second Last file in our E-mail, the new way of adding files is obviously a success. :)

So this is PsYcH0_]-[aMsT3r's PsycH0 Arena. Yes from the name you guessed it! Another crazy Dann Boeing like map.

Well the map consists of Many Brightly skinned buildings that hurt your eyes. Lucky for the weird way I am, Hurting my eyes will give you good points :D

THe map it self is well Planned out, there is 4 main battling parts, and 4 secret areas but I only found 2.

The sides are default though, but I understand because Hamster explained to me on xfire.

So if you like crazy scenery then download this map because it's every where


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Download '' (30.05MB)

This is my first big map and im pretty pleased with it. It features:

4 big dueling arenas

4 more special rooms

New skins on buildings

Many renamed weapons and options

and some more stuff.

I've sadly been having major issues with my sides so I couldn't change or reskin them though 
If i can fix the bug make a new version


Unzip this folder and copy the PDA folder into your addon folder in ProgramFiles/Lucasarts/ Star wars battlefront II / GameData

Enjoy, -PsYcH0_]-[aMsT3r

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