Ralltiir: Swoop Circuit

Well, this is my first time uploading a file on Star Wars Battlefront Files. Cross your fingers and hope I don't break something. >_<



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Well, this is my first time uploading a file on Star Wars Battlefront Files. Cross your fingers and hope I don't break something. >_<

Anyways, this map by Maveritchell introduces us to a new 'race mode' in Battlefront II. I must say I really enjoyed playing the race mode online with a friend of mine. You have two choices for racing vehicles, either souped-up IFT-X Fighter Tanks in CW Assault or Swoop Bikes (those vehicles from the mini-game in Knights of the Old Republic) in GCW Assault.

The track itself is designed very well for racing, I must say. While zooming through the course on a speeder bike, you will encounter many obstacles, including trees, overgrown roots, and some very well constructed docks. The lakes and puddles are also awesome, all of this adds up to a very nice looking and fun race mode.

Racing not for you? Not to worry, there are also Conquest modes for your enjoyment. I'll start with CW Conquest. Rather than Clones vs. Droids, Maveritchell has set up a KotOR Conquest mode with his sides from Sullust: Jedi Conclave. (The units, not the Jedi) I've got to say I love these unique units. It's a lot better than the boring old Rifleman-Rocketman-Sniper-Engineer arrangement. Added to the arsenel of these two sides are two KotOR Jedi units from the Conversion Pack: Darth Traya for the Sith and Jolee Bindo for the Old Republic. These two Jedi have also been outfitted with some force powers from Sullust: Jedi Conclave.

Next up is GCW Conquest. This mode has the default Rebels vs. Imperials. However, this mode is still fun. It has two AT-ATs the Empire can use to pound the Rebel scum into submission. To fight against the AT-AT threat, the Rebels employ airspeeders. Using their tow cables, daring Rebel pilots can entangle the legs of enemy walkers to take 'em out. As well as this, there is also some 'sidequest' you can embark on. I don't know too much about this, so don't ask me about it. (I'm no good at figuring out clues)

My biggest complaint about this map would be some problems with the AI in conquest where they all get stuck under the docks. Obviously a bit more AI planning is in order. Other than that, this map is virtually spot-free as far as I can see. Give it a download if it sounds fun.

Be sure you read the readme!


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Download 'ralltiir.zip' (68.29MB)

----Ralltiir: Swoop Circuit----
----by Maveritchell (maveritchell at gmail dotcom)----


Installation Instructions:
Extract to Battlefront II/gamedata/addon directory.


This map has four modes:

KotOR Conquest: Conquest mode with KotOR sides, as seen in Sullust: Jedi Conclave.

GCW Conquest: GCW conquest, this mode includes a detailed sidequest. This quest is particularly directed towards those who lean towards the Light Side of the Force, and any who wish to succeed would do well to meditate on their knowledge of things Star Wars and Jedi.

Swoop Racing (GCW Assault): This is an entirely new mode, unlike any preexisting mode. Racers get into their swoops and race against the clock and each other to finish five laps. (Further notes on race mode below.)

IFT-X Racing (CW Assault): Using modified IFT-X tanks, you race against each other, although with the added twist of having weapons and the possibility of a teammate.


Notes on conquest modes:

-Conquest uses, instead of the normal hero system, unlockable heroes. This allows for you to fight against hero-against-hero, even when  you're the only human on the map!

-As stated above, in GCW conquest there is an elaborate sidequest. Unlike the sidequest in my previous map, Abraxas Platform, you do not need any plugins (e.g. Freecam) to finish it. You can finish it simply with a keen knowledge of Star Wars trivia.


NOTES ON RACE MODE: (Important!)

-AI will not race. In singleplayer, your only goal is to race against the clock and see how high you can make your score!

-There are two teams in race mode, a racer team and an observer team. The observer team can only watch the race, it cannot participate.

-In race mode, your points are timer-based. You recieve 10 points for every second remaining on the clock when you finish.

-Mind the controls of your swoop. You can "drift-turn" around corners, and to brake, you need to release all the keys. This acts as an airbrake and will slow your swoop down rapidly. This is very important for some turns.


Any questions about this map, please direct to me at either my e-mail (as stated above) or my account on Gametoast, which is also "Maveritchell". Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!



Jesus Christ: for being savior of the world

Ace_Azzameen_5: Huge helper and great consultant for race mode coding

AceMastermind: Engine effect for swoop bike, swoop bike exporting, giving me the large invisible collision boxes

Rends: Adding Sound Tutorial

Skyhawk/-_-: Beta Tester

FragMe: Beta Tester

JabbaLovesLava: Disruptor rifle model

Teancum: Republic Trooper skin, Darth Traya skin, Jolee Bindo skin, hex-editing advice

Vyse: Vibrosword model

Qdin: Sith Trooper model

Psych0fred: assorted props, hovernaut model

Gametoast community: for the constant support it provides to BF2 modders

and of course Lucasarts/Pandemic, for the development of the game.


Legal Stuff:

Please do not redistribute this in any way without express consent of its developer (me).


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