Rancor Assets Pack



This file contains assets that set up the Rancor prop as a playable unit. I wouldn't suggest using this unless you have at least a little bit of experience with setting up sides, as you will have to, well, do that.




The following product has been modified by ={WGO}=Rancor, from the original Rancor model
used in maps, to a playable format, that of a jedi. If you wish to use this asset, please
reference my name in any Credits you have. Name = ={WGO}=Rancor. 

If you have any questions, comments or issues, my xfire is farshotxxl.

To INSTALL, you must place the folder titled Rancor, in with your Side's folder you want it in.

Say for example, you want the rancor in GEO, to go with the Acklay, then place the Rancor folder
into C:BF2_ModToolsdata_MODIDSidesgeo, MODID being the 3 letter ID of your map. 
Then all you have to do is drag the ran_inf_rancor.req into C:BF2_ModToolsdata_MODIDSidesgeoreq
and add the line "ran_inf_rancor" to geo.req in the main folder of geo. 

Then of course go to your MODID's lua and add ReadDataFile("dc:SIDEgeo.lvl", 
And add "ran_inf_rancor" to Republic, Empire, or whatever side you want. 

Go to Gametoast.com for more information on how to mod your sides if this was too complicated for you.

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