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Battlefront_conquer seems to be shooting for a paintball theme with these maps. Appearances aside, both maps (there are two) are more-or-les...


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Battlefront_conquer seems to be shooting for a paintball theme with these maps. Appearances aside, both maps (there are two) are more-or-less sniper-only.

The first map he calls Paint Ball something-or-another. It's set on the outskirts of a Naboo-esque city in the inky blackness of night. This is not necessarily a good thing, though. It's very difficult to see, even at low lighting quality (in which the map appears the brightest). It's a 2-flag CTF map that will mostly consist of running around hoping you're not about to get shot. It looks like it might be an interesting setup, but unfortunately the lighting conditions make it impossible to tell.

This map could be significantly improved by making the "paintballs" appear as such - that is to say if the author had given them some kind of glow or bright color to them, not only would it have added to the feeling that one was playing paintball, but it might also have given a little more enjoyment to playing in a low-visibility environment. The author might also consider using impact effects to give the appearance of a paintball "splat."

The second map, which is the better of the two, is called Sand Trap. It's a large sandy environment on which the player is also given the opportunity to play paintball. It's actually a pretty nice terrain and map setup, but the physical size of the map detracts from the playing experience, as there is a lot of running around and there are too few bots for a map of this size.

On Sand Trap, there's more than just paintball, though. You can also play a hunt mode (which is more of the snipers-running-around-shooting-each-other thing, although the paintball theme is removed and the snipers are given a greater variety of weapons). This is similar to the paintball modes in all but the actual objective. There's also an XL mode, which, despite what its name might lead you to believe, is more of running around looking for bots. You can spawncamp if you actually want to see AI once in a while, but that's not a whole lot of fun.

All in all, it looks like this author has done a nice job on the maps themselves (which are easily the strong point), but the sides and playability could use a little work.


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