RAS Prosecutor: Hangars



objective mode. Unlike previous maps by this author, the objective mode in this map is a much lighter one - it isn't as complicated and serves more as icing on the rest of the map.The map itself is a ~95% scratch-modeled-and-textured map, which is always a lot of fun to see, because it's always new. The texture work is pretty solid here, although it feels very hand-painted, which isn't all the way in line with a lot of the textures we see on Battlefront models. However, the map is very well done and nothing feels out-of-place.You'll also notice some smaller, slighter tweaks made on this map, like a new set of powerup meshes. It's not a huge thing, but it underscores the attention to detail that really makes this map stand head and shoulders above many that have been released recently.And of course there is an objective mode - I'm all about having these kinds of modes, because each one brings a new experience to the table, instead of just conquest, conquest, conquest. As mentioned above, it's not as intricate as some the author has done in the past, but it is still well done and good for a match-length playthrough (as opposed to a more substantial 30+ minute playthrough).I don't really have a lot to add - this map is phenomenally well-done, and it's nice to see a collaborative effort bear fruit like this. I'd recommend that anyone and everyone give it a download, it's certainly worth it.-Mav(In the event that the below download link breaks - and it might, given the size of the download - please use the following link as an alternate link-)http://www.gamefront.com/files/21091574/RPH_vfinal.exe


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