Rhen Var: Sanctuary



Xavious's "Rhen Var: Sanctuary" is apparently another one of the maps he's had sitting around but has not had time to polish up and really finish. While it's not perfect in terms of polish, it is a nice map with an interesting setup.

Set on the icy planet Rhen Var, there is, as you might expect, a large snowfield as part of the battle. (These things seem almost to be a prerequisite for snowy maps.) Fortunately, it is done well - with scattered rubble and debris for both cover and ambiance - and it is not all of the battle. Probably half the map is inside, and it is a pretty well-done interior, comprised of mostly Hoth and Rhen Var props (and an inexplicable but well-re-textured Death Star hallway). All in all, it's a nice balance of interior and exterior battle.

This map also comes set up with a number of different modes - Conquest, Hero Assault, and XL (although it is technically Uber and not XL) for CW, GCW, and KotOR. The notable changes include a CW "hero assault" that is really a conquest between Jedi and droids, and of course the XL mode, which is really Uber (uber conquest).

There aren't a lot of issues with this, although I did think I noticed at one point an AI enemy get stuck under some props at a CP (rendering it temporarily uncaptureable). Also, in XL/Uber, there wasn't enough memory allocated for AI planning and a lot of the AI just stand around at their spawnpoints.

Anyway, if it looks decent, give it a shot.




Rhen Var: Sanctuary by Xavious

A map for Star Wars Battlefront II

Here's yet another of my unfinished maps that I've released. This one used to be known as "Way of the Jedi," but I changed the name to give it an actual planet name.

Extract the folder "WOJ" to your game's addon folder, located at "...Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon."
To uninstall, simply remove or delete the folder "WOJ."

Game Modes:
CW Conquest: Basic CW Conquest, with slightly modified Republic side. Heroes are Kit Fisto and Jango Fett.
GCW Conquest: Basic GCW Conquest. Heroes are Darth Vader and Luke.
KotOR Conquest: KotOR Conquest from the Conversion Pack. Heroes are the Jedi Exile and Darth Nihilus.
CW Assault: Yoda and Jedi Knights vs an army of Super Battle Droids and Droidekas. Functions like Conquest.
GCW Assault: Basic hero assault.
KotOR Assault: Hero assault with KotOR characters from the Conversion Pack.
CW XL: Same as CW Conquest, except with massive unit counts.
GCW XL: Same as GCW Conquest, except with massive unit counts.
KotOR XL: Same as KotOR Conquest, except with massive unit counts.

(Note: In order to play the KotOR era, you need the Conversion Pack. (2.0 or higher))

Teancum, Maveritchell, Conversion Pack Crew - KotOR sides/era, Kit Fisto
Archer01 - AI Hero Support script

I think that's it. Not a very long credits list.

Anyways, enjoy.

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