Rhen Var: Temple

Here's a... not a new map, more of an extension of an existing one, from DannBoeing.

Like the shipped Rhen Var: Citidel? Of course y...


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Here's a... not a new map, more of an extension of an existing one, from [SBF]DannBoeing.

Like the shipped Rhen Var: Citidel? Of course you do. Ever looked out, off the map, off the mountain, and wondered what lay beyond? How about wishing you could battle there?

Well, DannBoeing has graciously added that, along with tweaks to the regular map. A bit of the rear temple has changed, to allow for an overhanging cliff for the ships (including a flyable Millinium Falcon!). The new part, the area beyond the normal map, is a long strip semi-circling the citadel.

As cool as the premise of this map is (I'd like to see more shipped maps expanded to this scale), it relies on the shipped part of the map pretty heavily, maybe too much. The newer bits are kind of empty, they aren't a place that's particularly fun to battle in. I love the ability to fall off one of the walls of the citadel, and not only survive, but get right back up and get back into the battle, but it could be improved on a lot. What I'm trying to say is: add more stuff to make the new areas interesting, or cut out some of them (maybe a bit of both). Going with that, try to distribute the cps a bit more evenly. Almost all of the cps from the regular map are there, about 7, all scrunched up in the middle of the map, in the citadel, while the four new ones spread over an area twice the size of that.

The map could benefit from some more work on the layout, too. Often, one team of the AI (which, as noted in the readme, aren't really up to scratch) will take the entire citadel, with the other sitting on it's hands down below, and all the fighting at that point gets scrunched in on the single stairwell up.

Now, on a happier note, the 'bonus mode' on this map is really fun. There's an XL-mode amount of units, souped-up weapons for everybody, and force pushing (or pulling) entire armies. Sending thirty droids flying across the map never gets old.

Overall, it's a cool thing, but most of the new parts of the map need work.


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/\/\/\/\/\/\/ RHEN VAR: TEMPLE \/\/\/\/\/\/\

By: [SBF]DannBoeing

Total File Size: 548MB

This is an expansion of the BF1 Map, Rhen Var: Citadel.  For those of you that do not know of Citadel, it is an old abandoned Jedi Temple, and it is the duty of the Republic/Rebellion to defend it against take-over by the evil CIS/Empire.  

Many additions have been made to the map, including a mountain side with a landing area, and a lower plateau with vehicle battle.  There are a total of 14 CPs.  There are two modes: conquest mode and bonus mode.  Conquest mode is typical battle no enhancements made on the units, this is mode mainly intended for online play.  The Bonus Mode is a mode where enhancements have been made on all the units, vehicles, weapons, and skins (textures).  There are also a few new units (such as Darth Bandon) and weapons (such as the Boeing Bomb 2.0) as well as a flyable Millenium Falcon.

Bugs/Issues: The motion plans (travel paths) for the AI are faulty and the AI don't always follow them.  Conquest lacks AI for battle, this is intended for mainly online play.  Flyers occasionally crash.  Depending on your display settings, certain lighting (such as missile flare) will disappear occasionally during the bonus mode.  Depending on your computer's visual memory, the Boeing Bomb and possibly other weapons in the bonus mode may cause your computer to crash.  

Install Instructions:
To install, simply run the installer and extract the map to the *\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\RVT directory.  Installation should take a few minutes.  The default directory is C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\RVT.  Make sure you know where your Star Wars Battlefront II Folder is and that you have enough space on your computer before you install.  Once Installed, the map should appear on the instant action and multiplayer game menus.  

To uninstall the map, simply remove the RVT folder from addon.

AceMastermind for original Millenium Falcon files.
WideBoy for his Bunker Model
Yodaminch for his original Quinlan Vos and Tholme Skins
Everyone Else on Gametoast Who was Able to Help Me with this Map.


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