Rhen Var Temple



Well here we have another master piece By Dann Boeing. Rhen Var Temple 2.0!

Let me just start out by saying that I'm sorry for the wait there's been a long time of no uploading and now theres a large amount of maps and mods to be uploaded. 2 maps, a mappack, and 3 mods to be correct. ;)

On to the Map.

Well since the last Version theres been a large amount of changes.

1. New Skins 2. Some New weapons 3. The Republic has a Super Gungan (I'm not sure if this was in V1.0 I forget) 4. New Modes 5. New Vehicles 6. Mini Map details 7. A secret Path

So Part 1


Well, new skins have been added, The Super Jawa skin has been changed a long with some newer Republic CIS rebels and empire skins. Also for some vehicles Like the AT-ST and Vulture Droid

Part 2

SOME NEW WEAPONS I can't name all of them but the Gas Shell, Emp Grenades, Rail Gun and the new Droideka Blaster are some of the new crazy weapons Dann is famous for. The Millennium Falcon also has a new secondary fire.


Well just like the super Geonosian (CIS), Tusken (Empire) and Jawa (Rebels), the Gungan is the Power House for the Republic, with the Bullcaster M-3X, HAywire Detonators, and Da Mine Chucka mixed with super jump and speed, makes this unit a killer. Sadly he's my least favourite of the Supers becuz, well..he's a gungan ... :D



With this version there are 4 Modes (count em 1-2-3-4)

1. Conquest 2. Assault 3. XL 4. Hunt 1. Conquest :

Well conquest is just normal sides on the map, so if you like the classic BF2 then play conquest. 2. Assault :

A step further from conquest. Dann's sides, weapons and units are all in it... except... it's normal spawn count saw if you want a kill you have to go lookin for it. also it only goes to 50. 3. XL

Another Step further from Assault (2 steps ahead of conquest ;) ) Dann's features are in this mode along with large spawn counts, so just stand still and the kills will come to you. 4. Hunt

The best update from 1.0 (my opinion), Becuz Hunt is actually Hunt! Explanation? It's Hunters VS Giant Wampas and Rock Golems! It has it's own battlefield with the ruins in the middle (where the Giants spawn) and the hunters bases on each side.

The hunters are well skinned snow troopers with Bubble Rifles Bubble Rocket launchers and Bubble grenades.

They seem smaller then a normal unit and their rifle is bigger then normal rifles too.

The Hunter team also has hunter tanks with bubble weapons.

The GIants are Giant Bloody Wampas and Rock Golems (which I think are giant Han Solos with a rock texture for a skin and glowing green eyes)

This is by far the Creative thing I've seen in a map. Good job Dann! :)


Well this map comes with some new vehicles such as the CIS Tank called the HAG, Zam Wessel's Speeder, the Tie Defender, and Gogie's Brand New Ebon Hawk! It still has the orignal vehicles like Arc-170s, AT-STs, X-wings, Snow Speeders, Hailfire droids, etc.


Well the minimap isn't blank like most maps these days, it also has the Classic BF1 mini map details. Not much else to say about it.


Well I can;t really tell you since it's a secret. :D

So those are the updates the map it self is pretty much the same from version 1.0 but that doesn't change anything cuz the map was perfet in version 1.0 anyways.

Great Map Dann, One of my new favorites!




/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/   RHEN VAR: TEMPLE   \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

-----Version 2.0-----

By: [SBF]DannBoeing

Filesize once Installed: 432MB

Map Description:
On the cold, icy world of Rhen Var, there is a large temple complex that used to belong to an ancient sith cult (as well as a jedi sanctuary ironically).  Placed on a mountainside, the temple is surrounded by precarious cliffs and drops.  This is an expansion and enhancement of the classic SWBF1 map, Rhen Var: CItadel.

Many additions have been made to the map, including a mountain side with a landing area, and a lower plateau with vehicle battle. There are a total of 14 CPs. There are two modes: conquest mode and bonus mode. Conquest mode is typical battle no enhancements made on the units, this is mode mainly intended for online play. The Bonus Mode is a mode where enhancements have been made on all the units, vehicles, weapons, and skins (textures). There are also a few new units (such as Darth Bandon) and weapons (such as the Boeing Bomb 2.0) and new vehicles such as  flyable Millenium Falcon and Ebon Hawk.
Mode Description:

This is sort of a "Classic" mode with no special units or weapons, but you can still play on the same layout.

Giant Hunt
This is a new mode that's positioned slightly off the main area of the map in a mountainous area.  Here you get to hunt the huge Giant Wampas and Rock Golems that have been summoned by the spirits ancient and dead sith.  And what do you use to take down these titans?  Bubbles.  Explosive Plasma Bubbles.  Lots of Explosive Plasma Bubbles.

Chaos Assault
This mode has my Chaos units in it, however the AI count is at a normal level.  This is intended mainly for Multiplayer (purely for stability purposes).

Chaos XL
This is the same as Chaos Assault, except with a 10x boosted AI count.  XL is the most chaotic of all the modes and is mainly intended for Singleplayer.

Updates from previous version:
Lots of updates.  Lots.  I'll do a quick run through, I've made the map even a little larger and have made a new imp/cis base with both tanks and base.  This allows for real dogfights between the teams.  I've fixed the balance issues that were prominant in the previous versions, and i think all sides are about of equal power.  To do that I have removed Super wampa from CW and replaced him with the Super Gungan to match the Geo.  I've added 1 new tank (the cis' HAG) 3 new flyers (Tie Defender, ZAM Brand Airspeeder, and the famous Ebon Hawk).  I've made lots of improvements to the weapons, fixing bugs and such, as well as superbuffing the Award weapons.  I have also added "Tumble Control" to some of the units, allowing for you to control how you go flying when you are hit (but not killed) by particular explosives.  I've also (yes yet again with Phazon_Elite's help) added custom background music with songs by Oasis, Led Zeppelin, and an excerpt of a song by The Nice.

Bugs/Issues: As always, there are few glitches with the ground textures since the game is easily overloaded with them.  Many effects (the ones in hunt mode and XL in particular) may disappear depending on your computer's visual memory.  There are a couple weaps that have floating icons.  Stability in multiplayer may vary.

Install Instructions:
If you have any previous versions of this map remove the old RVT from addon *before install*

Then Simply run the installer and install the map to the *\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\RVT" directory.  Installation should take a few minutes.  The default directory is C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\RVT.  

Make sure you know where your Star Wars Battlefront II Folder is and that you have enough space (432MB) on your computer before you install.  Once Installed, the map should appear on the instant action and multiplayer game menus.  

To uninstall the map, simply remove the RVT folder from addon.

LucasArts of course for making the original Rhen Var: Citadel map.

Psych0fred for a couple vehicle models, including the Tie Defender, ZAM speeder, and HAG.

[GT]Gogie for the Ebon Hawk model.

MetalcoreRancor/Snake for helping get the Giants up to size with his scaled skeleton/anims.

Phazon_Elite for making me the sound lvl for my custom background music, for like the umpteenth time.

Anyone on Gametoast who was able to help me with the map.

Also, I apologize ahead of time to anyone I forgot to mention in the credits, which is possible and even likely as I have an absolutely terrible memory for these things.


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