Rise of the Empire #3: Hidden Surprise



Speaking of surprises, here's one!

This map went by quickly, but I personally find it very fun, LOL.

Anyways, make sure you read the README file!


- Majin Revan



Made by: Majin Revan
Contact: [email protected]


Copy R03 to the ...\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon folder.


Remove R03 from the ...\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon folder.


Well, here we have Rise of the Empire #3: Hidden Surprise (Version 1.0).
This map went by faster than I thought it would!
Everything is SO accurate. I don't think it could go any further. I even have the correct sounds!
This map requires HEAVY vehicle, anti-vehicle, and infantry tactics.

This is the third map of my mod, Rise of the Empire.


I can't even name the special things this time, because there are SO many of them.
So, I'll just credit everyone with what they did:

* Credit goes to DooFi for the kick-butt skins. Every sweet skin you see is his! This guy is a great texture artist!
* Credit goes to OOM-9/NeVaR for the DC-15S Blaster Carbine model. It's beautiful.
* Credit goes to maxloef for the tons of help he gave me with sounds. He also helped me get ParticleEditor working! He also gave me some sweet effects!
* Credit goes to Rekubot for making the sweet DH-17 Blaster Pistol!
* Credit goes to commanderbertie, who made the sweet DC-17 Repeater Hand Blaster!
* Credit goes to t551, for making the Gungan Personal Energy Shield! He repaired commanderbertie's DC-17 Repeater Hand Blaster as well.
* Credit goes to Lord Bandu, Rends, Penguin, Teancum, Psych0fred, Vyse, Dragonum, OOM-9, Jawa_Killer, and the countless others of GameToast for helping me fix MANY things.
* Credit goes to TK-8252, who is my "accuracy mentor." He actually used to mod for SWBF, but got sick of it and left. He never bothered with SWBF II. I can't count the countless hours we spent figuring out accurate things, LOL.
* Credit goes to Vyse and Teancum, who converted NeoMarz's Clone Commando model (made for JA) to SWBF II. They did a great job!
* Credit goes to Teancum again, for getting the Kaadu working great!
* Credit goes to a great modeller, Qdin! He made the DC-17m ICWS, and helped MANY others with modelling. If he wasn't in existence, my maps would really suck.
* Credit goes to my Beta Testers, EraOfDesann, Ace Azzameen, Jawa_Killer, Revan/CloneWarrior90, xwingguy, Astute, DooFi, Epena, Schizo, and TheDestroyer.
* Credit goes to Schizo for making me some sweet dirt textures!
* Credit goes to EraOfDesann for teaching me how to understand Jawa_Killer's ZeroEdit Animation.
* Credit goes to L-5-R for making a kick-butt T-21 Light Repeating Blaster and letting anyone and everyone use it.
* Credit goes to Saturn_V for making a staff which I used as Gungan Electropoles!
* Credit goes to xwingguy for teaching me how to script in "ambushers." This can be seen...you'll see! He was the driving force behind this map!
* Credit goes to Dragonum for making the handy DC-15s Side Arm Blaster! It looks great! He also made the SWEET HAVw A6 Juggernaut!
* Credit goes to Psych0fred who spent hours helping me with anything and everything. He is the one who attempted to help me get custom sounds working in SWBF II (I figured it out the next day, using what he told me in crazy ways).
* Credit goes to Pandemic and LucasArts for making an extremely moddable game...
* Credit goes to Penguin who figured out how to make the "floating weapon icon" disappear...now if we could only add the icon back, LOL.
* Credit goes to George Lucas, who created Star Wars.
* Credit goes to me...because I felt left out of this list.
* Credit goes to all the other mappers and modders who helped me in any way. I apologize if I forgot to mention you, but I think you might be able to see why I may have forgotten.

This map can only be played in the Galactic Civil War Era.

Imperial Transmission from Grand Moff Tarkin:

"The Galactic Empire has intercepted transmissions made by the Rebel Alliance dealing with a meeting with the Gungans.
It seems as if the Rebels are attempting to supply the Gungans with weapons, vehicles, and other technology, while allying with them as well.
The Imperial Shock Troopers have taken it upon themselves to stop this terrorism. Commander Thire would like an assignment outside of Coruscant.
Besides, Thire and his soldiers are also scouting the planet of Naboo to find out whether it is a suitable place for the Emperor's personal retreat.
Also, be advised, it seems as if these Rebel scum have obtained old CIS technology via scavenging and buying on black markets.
As for the Gungans, you will set up base near them...to wipe them out, all of them! The Rebels are sending a convoy of armored vehicles to meet the Gungans.
They have a large amount of protection for the convoy as well."


* No known ones!

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