Ryloth: Fueling Station

I think the screenshots and the map deriptions says it al :D this is a must play if you feel like just playing something different but witho...


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I think the screenshots and the map deriptions says it al :D this is a must play if you feel like just playing something different but without thinking ;)

I won't even be worthy to review it, but I've got one thing to say: I doubt you've localized it in other languages than US, because the localization weren't working for me - and I'm using the UK Version of the game xD kinda nnoying because you don't know what you've named the troopers nor their weapons - rofl.


nonetheless, it's cool

Keep it up!

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Download 'ryloth_base_2.0.zip' (18.86MB)

Ryloth: Fueling Station V.2

AUTHORS: MasterSaitek009 and Commander Nylad


Era: Galactic Civil War
Hero Elimination
1-Flag CTF


	New Republic Intelligience has discovered a secret Imperial base
and re-fueling station for Star Destroyers on the planet Ryloth in the blistering hot, little frequented Bright Lands.
They have also discovered that Boba Fett did not meet his demise in the Sarlacc Pit,
and that he has found his way back to the Empire once again.
	Leading the attack On the base will be the Jedi Lowbacca.
The Ryloth government feels very strongly about ridding themselves of this Imperial insult that has lain 
hidden there for years. They will provide some of their specially trained Militants for the use of the attack force.
	Currently there are no Star Destroyers re-fueling so all you will have to deal with is a rather large garrison 
stationed on the planet led by the infamous Boba Fett.
May the Force be with you!

New Unit: Special Operations Trooper
This soldier was developed by the Empire for solo missions that require versitility. Special Ops Troopers are armed with an RX8 Shock Pistol, the Shock Pistol has an option to fire a very powerful shockfield. Special Ops Troopers are also armed with mines and their fists. 

-The AI can now use Heroes
-Created Lighting
-Blended the terrain so the hills are now not so sharp
-Custom Loading Screens
-Sounds working for all Vehicles and Weapons
-Re-textured some of the map to make it look better
-Changed Music
-Added a Mini Map with speederbike course (The course is the black line on the map).
And Much Much More....


1-If you downloaded Version 1 delete it.
2-Unzip Ryloth_Base_2.0.zip file to your gamedata/addon folder.



None Known


-There is a cool speederbike course in this map, spawn at the top CP hop on a speederbike and follow the black line on the map.
-All the changes made for version 2 were made by me, MasterSaitek009
-All the skins used except for the green Twi'lek skin were also made by me.
-I made up a division name for my Ryloth Troopers: The 759th Dust Devils. They are brown with blue highlights.
-Again (IMHO) this map really is the best it can be with the bots turned up all the way.

Thanks to:
-Thanks to Archer01 for the Hero Support Script that I think is one of the best modding breakthroughs for Battlefront 2 in a long time.
-Droideka88 for the Sweet Twi'lek skin.
-Rends for the sound tutorial
-Zerted for the cool loading screen tutorial 
-George Lucas for creating the awesome saga of STAR WARS
-Members of Gametoast.com for all their help, time and patience.

*****If you have any Ideas or questions please e-mail me at Computer9Guru AT aol DOT com*****

Master Saitek

"Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God, who is worthy of glory, honor and power"

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