Ryloth Fueling Station

By the looks of this map, I'd say its this persons first or second map. It has 5 Command Posts, and a weird area that has a bunch of turret...


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By the looks of this map, I'd say its this persons first or second map. It has 5 Command Posts, and a weird area that has a bunch of turret things sitting around and when you get too close they try too kill you! It has a new hero: Lowbacca. He has a lightsaber, Mace Windu's jump + attack move, Obi-Wan's run+speed+attack combo, Force Pull, and Saber throw. And guess what. Boba Fett is back from the Sarrlacc Pit! I think this guy has the Star Wars Ultimate Visual Guide :P. The player is a MAJOR factor in the game, I found that I could take all the CPs with my player in one life, then switch over and then take 'em back so the enemy had 1 CP and me the rest :P. There are a few bugs, and one I found was when you switch from the New Republic to the Empire, you can't switch back too the New Republic, and you can't see that switching thingey lol. See the Readme for more bugs, character info, and everything else.

Tis a great map.


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Download 'ryloth_fueling_station_1.0.zip' (15.46MB)

Ryloth: Fueling Station

AUTHORS: MasterSaitek009 and Commander Nylad


New Republic Conquest

	New Republic Intelligience has discovered a secret Imperial base
and re-fueling station for Star Destroyers on the planet Ryloth in the blistering hot, little frequented Bright Lands.
They have also discovered that Boba Fett did not meet his demise in the Sarlacc Pit,
and that he has found his way back to the empire once again.
	Leading the attack On the base will be the Jedi Lowbacca.
The Ryloth government feels very strongly about ridding themselves of this Imperial insult that has lain 
there for years. They will provide some of their specially trained Militants for the use of the attack force.
May the Force be with you!

New characters: 
Lowbacca: A Wookie Jedi from Luke's Academy (Chewie's Nephew).
Twi'lek Militant: A soldier native to the planet Ryloth.
New Skin for AAC



1-Unzip Ryloth_Base_1.0.zip file to your gamedata/addon folder.



-Sound for the AT-ST and the sound for Lowie's lightsaber does not work.
-It is possible to fall thru the ground into endlessness in some situations


1:There is a cool speederbike course around the outer rim of the battle.
2:Spawn at the top CP hop on a speederbike and follow TheMap.jpg.
3:This level really shines when you crank up the AI units all the Way ;-)

Thanks to:
Droideka88 for the Sweet Twi'lek skin.
Pandemic for making the super sweet ZeroEditor.
George Lucas for the ground breaking idea of STAR WARS.

If you know how solve any of these bugs or have any suggestions E-mail me at:  Computer9guru@aol.com


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