I have to hand it to the author, his ReadMe is very honest. As I was playing through the map I thought to myself, "The concept is there, the...


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I have to hand it to the author, his ReadMe is very honest. As I was playing through the map I thought to myself, "The concept is there, the execution is just off." Sure enough when I checked the ReadMe those were almost his exact words. For a sophomore effort this isn't too bad -- the concept is indeed there.

The map is basically a Kashyyyk-like setting with multiple elevated platforms in the center on top of a rat's nest of towers/pipes. There are four CP's (which I infer are the default ones that are automatically created when you start a map) situated on the ground and the AI spawn from these and climb up the ramps to battle in the tree tops. Surprisingly the AI did a fairly good job of navigating the platforms and connecting walkways, so there was some decent planning done there. Of course there were several hiccups where AI got off-track and ran into objects down below the platforms but I think this could be taken care of with some basic restructuring.

There's plenty of evidence of a novice mapper at work here, however (which is perfectly fine -- no worries). For starters the map lacks a lot of detail and polish. Some objects are floating, such as some trees, some of the stock objects used were originally designed as fragments of a set thus they're missing sides, one of the CPs is inside of the giant tree and AI spawn on top of the trunk, the default heroes, etc, etc. But this is to be expected.

I would suggest that you get to know the modding tools a little better and start off small and simple before trying to tackle any big ideas that require some experience.

My recommendation: I would redo all of the platforming, and make that my number one priority as I work on the map. Create a nice and intricate platform system that AI will be easily able to navigate. Put a lot of time and effort into it. Once you get it set up, I'd move all of the CP's onto the platforms. I'd avoid putting any CP's on the ground as this will create planning problems and confuse the AI. If you do put one or more on the ground, be sure that they aren't directly below any CP's that are platforms. When you're satisfied with the platform system and how it impacts the gameplay then you can spend time on putting detail into the rest of the map. Try experimenting with the terrain and elevation. Make sure you don't have any floating objects and make sure they don't have any holes or missing sides. Maybe you could even add water underneath the platforms.

If you need help feel free to visit There are plenty of people there who would be willing to help you out; in fact most of your questions have more than likely already been answered if you just do a little searching.

Good luck!


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This is my second map. It's more of a concept or
idea map; the idea being to have a battle fought from a 
series of connecting platforms.
	The only problem known to me is the sky. As some 
filefront frequenters may have noticed, my last map had
a pitch black sky. The sky on this map is only slightly 
better than that. It's the Yavin sky (Yes, I heard you
groan). If anyone could give me REALLY clear step by step
instructions, that would be awesome.
	Now for the historical background: During the
early years of the Republic, Sacorria was a farming planet
located on the outer fringe of the Corellian sector.
Soon after Palpatine was appointed Chancellor, a dreadful
ice age gripped the planet. Large orchards and fields
withered and died. The few trees left were ancient and
tough. The Republic sends a small dispatch of troops
to assess the planets economic worth. Palpatine alerts
Grievous, telling him to send a division of droids to the 
planet to eliminate the troops stationed there.
	Later, twenty years after the Galactic Civil War,
New Republic forces return to the planet, only to find a 
secret Imperial Remnant base. They plan to wipe it out.
	Follow these instructions to play this map in SWBF2: 
Go into your computer folders. 
Go to Local Disk C, go into Program Files, and into your 
Lucasarts folder. 
Once there, open the star wars battlefront 2 folder,
go into gamedata, and make a new folder there. 
Name it "addon" (no quotes, no caps). When extracting the 
files from the ZIP, place the 3 letter map folder in addon. 
(The map name for this map is TAR). 
Run Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Sacorria should appear in 
the instant action map list.

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