Saga of the 607th - Final Map Pack



Here it is at long last: the complete Saga of the 607th map pack. This map pack has been in production for over a year and a half now. (I believe the first map was released in April 2007) Included in this map pack are all of the maps from 607th Map Pack 1 and Map Pack 2, as well as Jandoon: 607th Purge and Space Kamino: 607th Stand. In the end, it comes out to eight maps, which have been wrapped up in one addon folder for easy identification and installation, as well as a MUCH smaller filesize.

There's a wide variety of maps in here; from icy mountains to fiery caves, from dense jungles to open beaches, urban sieges to fungi-infested wastelands, open plains to chaotic space battles. Follow the story of the 607th legion as they do battle on each of these different environments. Not only are there new maps, but the characters on these maps have also been customized a lot. There's new skins, models, weapons, and effects. You can find more detailed information on the sides in the "Bonus Content" folder included in the downloaded file archive.

If you've played the 607th maps in the past and enjoyed them, or if you love playing new maps and characters in Star Wars Battlefront II, give this map pack a download. Just as a side note, if you have earlier versions of any of the 607th maps, delete these from your addon folder. They will likely interfere with the map pack.

One more thing before I go; all eight maps are online compatabile. Not only that, they're crazy fun to play multiplayer. Keep in mind that in order for others to play with you, all players must have the most up-to-date version of these maps. (Which would be this map pack)

Be sure to read the readme, as it includes installation instructions as well as more information on the map pack.





Saga of the 607th - Final Map Pack

This map pack contains all the maps from both the 607th Map Pack 1 and Map Pack 2, as well as 
Jandoon: 607th Purge (which was released seperately) and Space Kamino: 607th Stand. (which has not
been released untill now) All the maps have been improved from the various versions released 
earlier. These maps have also been tested for online compatability. Lastly, the maps are all in
ONE addon folder, for easy identification, installation, etc.

List of changes/fixes from last public versions:

-Sullust and Yavin IV have been rebuilt from scratch
-Sides have been synchronized between all maps
-New weapon models, sounds, and laser effects
-Tanks and other vehicles fire correctly colored lasers
-More changes between EMP grenades and thermal detonators
-New unit, Toxin Droid, added to CIS side
-Super Battle Droid weapon layout modified
-Sides have been rebalanced
-Rain/lightning removed from Yavin IV; added to Murkhana
-Xagobah's environment has been improved to add more variety
-Dark lighting on Kashyyyk and Murkhana has been changed
-Kashyyyk beach is now much more open
-Jump height on Xagobah fixed
-Jet Trooper's EMP laucher is more powerful
-Death region added to Murkhana's "pit"
-Zhaus Hyaun has a new lightsaber hilt
-Foliage reduction on all maps that had too much
-Health/ammo droid changed to health/ammo crates
-Grievous' death animation fixed
-Vaks' chaingun has been balanced out
-Various AI planning fixes on all maps
-All floating objects (that I could find) have been fixed

...and much more I forgot. In the end, this beats out all the earlier versions by far.

Installation Instructions:

Simply unzip the downloaded archive to wherever you wish. Then, removed the folder "607" and move
it to your addon folder. (...Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon)

To unistall, simply move or delete the folder "607."


Beta Tester Team

Other Beta Testers (Earlier versions)

Darth_Z13 (The sounds were originally from the Clone Wars cartoon)

Laser Effects

wazmol - Republic shotgun and pistol model
broken_hope/AceMastermind - lightsaber hilts
AceMastermind - core ship with hangar
Pahricida - DC-15A rifle (forgot who converted this)
OOM-9 - DC-15s model

Special Thanks to AlexSecura, for beta testing nearly every map I've ever made. ;)

I think that's everyone/everything. If I missed someone in the credits, be sure to let me know so
I can add them in.

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