Sam's ultra skinpack

Here's an... interesting pack of skins from "samtheretardjedi".

There's everything from skins called the 'UPS aerial delivery s...


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Here's an... interesting pack of skins from "samtheretardjedi".

There's everything from skins called the 'UPS aerial delivery sniper' to 'the "i dont quite know" trooper'. A fair few are really 'MS paint' quality, but some seem have had a bit of quality work put into them, however misguided (the 'dont step here land mine').

Being a skin pack, you have to know how to add skins to the game to use this.

Obviously, it doesn't have a really serious demenor. Download if you want a diversion from the ones that you'd see in normal maps. However, if you're not ever going to find a use for the 'Grateful Dead trooper', you might want to leave this one alone.


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Download '' (5.84MB)

Sam The Retard Jedi skin pack (used to be sexy111)


This pack includes:

Aquabat trooper commander (phase 1)
Aquabat trooper (phase 1 and 2)
AtAt blue wierd thing
AtSt awesome skin
My blind desert sniper	
bright jet pack and trooper
Budjet cut trooper(wooden galactic marine)
cmdata pilot
my first trooper
black droideka shield
Grateful Dead trooper
the "i dont quite know" trooper
dont step here land mine
2 mandalorians
newbhelper 5000
neyo style aerosmith trooper
neyo style red trooper
night camo stormie
Nova trooper (from swg)
nuke trooper 1 and 2
pencil trooper 1 and 2
pennzoil sniper
red stormie
my armour (white, and shock trooper)
wierd stormie
argo based stormie
my pilot
imperial ultra scout trooper
sgt pepper
shock trooper painted stormie
baron soontir fel
star camo star destroyer
stoned toxic waste trooper
tie royal guard
my latest style armour in 5 colors
ups aerial delivery sniper
cool white clone
the who trooper
and a wierd snow trooper	 

Go here -

To find out how to put use the same model for other textures.

Go here -

To find out how to get the skin ingame.


If you have any ideas or problems, you can e-mail me . If you want to use these skins in a map
or mod please tell me you are using them and put me in the credits.
Please do not upload these to other sites without my permission.

E-mail: [email protected]

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