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One word: Awesome. This is one of the best maps I've played in a while. New units, great map design, immersive setting...What more could yo...


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One word: Awesome. This is one of the best maps I've played in a while. New units, great map design, immersive setting...What more could you possibly want? This map is based off a show that's called either Firely or Serenity; I can't remember. Fans will know though. If you're one of those people who only downloads maps that are strictly Star Wars then I strongly encourage you to loosen up and give this map a try. It's really fun.

I'll begin my critique by discussing the bugs and cons of the map.

The map is a tad unbalanced. The first time I played the map I was the "Browncoats" and I lost. The second time I played as "The Alliance" and was losing, but somehow we made a last-minute comeback which I really don't understand. Bottom line: winning isn't easy on this map. Now this isn't necessarily a problem since many people like a challenge. This'll certainly float their boat.

There are a few bugs worth mentioning. For starters, the hubs and connections could use a bit of work. I noticed a good number of units running into walls and getting stuck in corners. This is most noticeable by the CP in screenshot number 8. The AI walk down a steep drop and pile up down below. It almost seems intentional. Other minor bugs include sounds. When I play as the heroes I'll hear enemies refering to me as Boba Fett or Han Solo, whom they aren't. Speaking of the heroes, they still have the default sounds. Like I said, these bugs are really minor and might be too much of a hastle to fix.

I have no idea what this location looks like, but I recommend (as I always do) putting in some water and foilage just to enhance the map's appearance.

Now on with the good. :)

Serenity Valley has a great map design and an incredibly strong battlefield feel. When I was playing I actually felt like I was in a war. The map wasn't too big or too small so it's quite ideal. There are areas where strategy can be applied which is always a HUGE bonus. I love maps that have strategic elements. The new units are sweet. They feature new weapons and new skins. My favorite is the Browncoat soldier. His gun pwns.

To sum it all up: A flawed masterpiece that promises hours of fun and entertainment. This map will be loads and loads of fun online. Grab some of your friends and start a server for the full Serenity Valley experience...


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Download 'firefly_modserenity_vally.exe' (118.35MB)

*No readme provided. The below is gathered information... 

Installation: The download is an installer. Simply click on the .exe file when the download is completed, and follow the installer's steps. 


t551t551 (Models)
Saturn V (Models)
Eddie (Models)
archer01 (AI Flyers)
OGEB1103 (ODF Help)
Moving Target (Weapon Models)
Murdocr (Weapon Models) 

Initial release thread: 

Map created by: Alpha

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