Shakara VI: Swamp Assault

Since we haven't been updating recently (which, I've said before, we apologize for), the stuff people have been sending in have been pilin...


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Since we haven't been updating recently (which, I've said before, we apologize for), the stuff people have been sending in have been piling up in the inbox. I'm going to try to upload one thing a day 'till it's empty, in no particular order. My reviews will be a bit shorter to manage that.

So, without further ado, here's the 'file of the day': a beautiful swampy map from a_speck_of_dust.

Shipped Dagobah, you ain't got nothing on this. Shakara IV is twice the swamp you'll ever be. Nearly the whole map is either shallowly submerged or suspended on reedy docks\huts. There's Kashyyyk and Endor trees everywhere, and they all blend in to make an awesome swamp/wetland/flooded forest.

All the vehicles are of the hover variety, so there's the cool effect of them over the water. Turrets are pretty well placed, on the docks by the main bases. As with most of a_speck_of_dust's maps, there's an obscenely large amount of units, so the battle's pretty chaotic- almost to the point that your actions don't affect the outcome of the battle. You can decide whether that's worth the eyecandy factor of all those units duking it out.

It can get a bit laggy, but not as much as you'd expect with such a swampy map. Overall, very well put together in all aspects.


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shakara VI: swamp assault

Region: outer rim
System: Shakara System
Terrain: swamp lands

	During the later part of the clone wars, the CIS, under General Grevuose's (or how ever you spell it) command, attempted to wipe out the clone army by spreading them trhoughout the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Shakara VI was a strong hold under Republic control that was one of the first targeted planets in the new CIS strategy. Master Windu and a squadron of Swamp clones were sent to aid in the defence of Shakara VI. You are one of those troopers and your job is simple: defend the Republic outpost on Shakara and attempt to wipe out the CIS onslaught...

Yet again (this is becoming an trend in my readmeis or readme's or what ever) I'm too lazy to make a GCW story for this awsome map.

the entire thing is by a_speck_of_dust, skins and all.

To install, extract the files and simply take the the "TOK" file and put  it in 
"C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Addon" (with no quotes 
of course). you may need to make an addon folder if this is your first added level.

Thanks to models by WideBoy; silo, bunker2, and boxes.


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