SilverBlade's American Football Map

Well this is SilverBlade's Football Map v1.0 . It has been modified alot since the Beta (side wise) btu the map itself is pretty much the s...


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Well this is SilverBlade's Football Map v1.0 . It has been modified alot since the Beta (side wise) btu the map itself is pretty much the same.

It has all the people from the beta except he cut Hob_goblin, he also added an Albino Wampa to the CIS and a Stick Figure to the Republic. The CIS has one more unit then the Republic giving it an unfair advantage seeing how that one unit is a wampa.

To accommodate these users each one has a crazy skin and crazy weapons. My favourite has to be the shotgun, it shoots orange and black and yellow bullets that stay suspended in mid air. Another crazy weapon is the sniper which shoots a giant bullet and it looks like your in a green/red mist.

Still no Football though so it feels like your missing something anyways, good map.


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Download '' (142.18MB)

----American Football----

The Silverblade Football series will continue with the next map!


	The Empire is just changing its armour when a clan of people re-activate some droids on Naboo.
They send the Silverblade and others to kill them. The Naboo village with a secret tells them to 
have a friendly game of football to decide who dies. All the starters get mutilated due to use of weaponry. 
The leaders get out there for the real fight . . .


Republic units run into locker room!
Take a screen shot of the one who knows the secret and I give you a unit in Silverblade: American Football 2!
Follow the tunnel by loading bay and there may be a suprise. Then again there may not . . .
Suicide is very hard to resist in this map.

CIS Job = Win Football
Republic Job = Win Football

1.  Download the Zip File and extract the SAF folder.
2.  Put the SAF folder into C(or D)/battlefront2/gamedata/addon
3.  If you don't have an addon folder make a folder named "addon."
4.  Delete the old beta version if you have it.

Next Version Will Include:
1.  A Football Model
2.  Final Skins
3.  Something On The Field (Maybe)

[GT]Darth_Z13 - Droid Despenser
Foolis - Football Field Texture and Beta Testing
Thunder - Field Goal, Bleachers, Stick Dude, and Beta Testing
Redline - Awsome Dead Units
Squipple/Squedie - That huge pack of objects  
Pocmin, Grev, At-AT Fighter, TheDarkMask, delta47, and HobGoblin_264 - Beta Testing
Caleb - Directing me at the sky
Dann Boeing - For All His Inspiration Maps That Fueled The Need To Make This Map
If there are others who should be ^ tell me.

No redistribution please.

I have nothing to do with LucasArts.

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