Sith Academy Map

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Bonecrusher160, is a another voice added to the fugue of temple/academy maps.This time, we're on an icy planet (with unsurprising notes of Rhen Var), with a relatively symmetrical duel-based design. Not unexpectedly, the map is designed to be a hero assault map, and the author includes a couple modes to that effect.There are a couple issues I see - one, there's a bit of quite noticeable Z-fighting in the use of the Rhen Var stone floors. The second and larger issue is that the terrain blooms way, way too much. Unless you turn off your bloom, the screen is going to be rather bright.All told, the map is okay - it's a decent (if somewhat overwrought) concept, but it could use a little polishing. If you like what you see, give it a download.-MavPlease use the following link to download this file, not the link given to you by the "Download Now" buttonhttp://www.gamefront.com/files/21322544/SithMap.zip


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