Snowball Fight



them "snowballs") run around a snowy field in a TDM-type setup. As a work-in-progress, it's reasonably well-done for being in an early state, but there are things that should be addressed as the author moves on.The first thing is the music - I like it, but right now it seems to be using sound stream regions. This isn't really what sound stream regions are supposed to be used for, and it creates a strange cutting-in-and-out effect when you run around the map. What you probably should want to do is use ambient sound streams, which are designed to run streaming music behind the map.There are also AI pathing issues, in that there's probably no planning set up for the AI at all. That's not terrible if this is only to be a test map, but if this is supposed to be the map the mod is eventually finished on, then mix it up a little - right now, the AI run to the enemy CP and stay there.Another thing is the fact that the AI don't ever use their weapons. This is a simple .odf tweak; make sure that this mod is actually playable in single player!The author has some neat ideas, I am sure, and what with it being winter and all, I'd love to see this kind of thing be expanded upon. Take a look at some of the pertinent tutorials relating to the issues above, and really flesh this thing out!-Mav


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