[Sol Map Pack] Sol: Luna

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map, by Marth8880, is a map of a place familiar to many - our closest natural satellite, known most correctly as "The Moon."This attempts the same strange blend of the very fictional and the very realistic that the author attempted in his earlier Earth: Pioneer Trails, although it probably fits a bit better here given the extraterrestrial nature of the area.And the author did try to hew closely to reality in many aspects - this is supposed to be set near the landing site of one of the Apollo missions, and a few aspects have been tweaked to make it appear as though there is low gravity (although there are still some glaring divergences from this, like running speed and roll speed).The map itself is decent. It's technically well-done, in terms of polish, although design-wise it feels a bit lacking. There's a lot of open space and running around, and not a whole lot to vary up the visuals (spoiler: lots of grey).Anyway, it's still a reasonably well-polished map and it's supposedly the first in part of a mappack. So if you like the pictures below, go ahead and give it a try.-MavPlease use the following link to download this file, not the link given to you by the "Download Now" buttonhttp://www.gamefront.com/files/21196064/SolLuna-build20120119.0001.exe


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