[Sol Map Pack] Venus: Research Station



itself is another in the "Sol Map Pack," which increases the size of said pack by 100%. It's also a noticeable jump in quality, as the polish of the previous map remains, but the map itself is much more enjoyable due to a much tighter set of paths (and a greater density of art assets).This map is set on Venus, insomuch as one can really walk around on Venus without biting the big one. The map is actually an atmospheric floating research station (think Bespin Platforms, but smaller), and it's designed with a standard "reticle" design (plus within a circle). It works well, despite (or perhaps because of) its symmetry, as there are enough turns and paths to give the player multiple routing options at any time.All in all, it's a pretty good map and well worth a download. Go ahead and give it a try.-Mav


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