SotG vs. WGO

This map, by MetalcoreRancor, is a frosty planet on which the forces from the SotG clan clash with the forces from the WGO clan. It includes...


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This map, by MetalcoreRancor, is a frosty planet on which the forces from the SotG clan clash with the forces from the WGO clan. It includes two working modes, conquest and hero assault.

Hero assault is various personalities from each of the clans squaring off against each other. M.R. has taken a lot of care into mixing up the combos for the lightsaber-weilders, and it's a nice change of pace to be able to play around a little and have combos different from normal. This hero assault is also of the "crazy" variety, i.e. there are lots of explosions and people deal excessive amounts of damage and such.

Conquest is still SotG fighting WGO, although in this case the units are somewhat more normal. The map is very large for conquest, although a true conquest victory is still obtainable. One of the neatest things about his conquest mode is his inclusion of tiny vehicles. He's scaled down the animations and the models and made it so you can "hop in" a pocket-sized AT-ST or snowspeeder. They're pretty neat.

There are definitely some things that need work on this map - especially noticeable in hero assault where you can get around easily and see a lot. I noticed a lot of props missing textures as well as what seemed to be a squared-off texture for one of the blaster weapons (the blaster ordnance may have been intentional, though). Also, some of the object placement is a little sloppy.

However - I must applaud the imagination I see in this, and with some polish it could be really nice. It's a neat concept for a map, battling on top of plateaus and then down in canyons, and frankly, I thought it rather hilarious when I saw his gigantic (Godzilla-sized) rancor. With a little cleaning and some touching-up work, this could be a very nice map.

It must be noted that CTF mode, while still available for choosing, will cause a crash. The author warns you not to play it.


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Download 'sotg_vs_wgo_full_map.exe' (168.39MB)

A Galactic Fight Between 2 Fictional Forces based on community names. 

A long time ago in a galaxy Far far away.....


(Cue gold text rolling up screen)

Long heated debates fumed into the night as the Galactic Senate gathered together
for the annual peace talks. Prime Minister Mawsk of the Gee Planet continued to
argue with the other Communities over increasing trade prices and the use of 
the Force in combat situations. He refused to back down until the art of war was
no longer spoiled by jedi scum. 

Synty Gipsi of the Gungan Federation of Atheltic Countrymen refused to give up,
encouraging others to train and use Jedi in every situation. Yet there was one 
person they all seemed to despise. A rogue jedi named Legs. He ran around the galaxy
in his leg-shaped ship, destroying entire fleets with his prowess of force. 

Synty and Mawsk worked out a deal to send the Servants of the Galaxy Squad to find 
and destroy Legs. Little did they know that Jetted Set was watching, and he sent a 
force of his own to help Legs. 

And so, Servants of the Galaxy land on the frosted barren world of Swbf-2, only to be
flanked by 3 WGO cruisers, from World Galactic Order. 


Simply run the installer provided and it will install the map

If you have your game running out of something other then C drive, then locate it towards the proper 

Map Info:
This is my first major map, although I have created many ones before this This is the one
I decided to release to Filefront. The map is a large and expansive area with many flanking points
and challenging ai make it all the more difficult. The fact that it is SO expansive means it may take
a while to get anywhere. This is why I did add some rather peculiar vehicles, but the AT-At and tiny Spider
walker stopped working just before release. Also some TGAs got ruined. But no big deal. 

The main focus of the map is actually the revolutionary jedi in Hero assault. 
I have personally created every single .combo, removing block from them and giving deflect
to every saber attack, and not only that, the deflect is 99% garuanteed to block everything, including
saber attacks. Also there are some clever uses of the opened up Block button. 

Some jedi are designed for air combat, with my revolutionary jet-jump air duel system. 
Also I have thrown in some nice force powers. Most notable are Force Destruction, Dread Beam, 
Force Bubbles (Semi based on Dann Boeing's bubble gun) and some other moves. 

All of the Jedi are named after people from both Sotg and WGO communities. They have all agreed
to this. This map is not to promote violance between the communities, but to bring them together.
I hope this map will be hosted on our servers.

Game info:

CTF modes do not work. Don't load them.
Chances are AI will crash the map if your hosting multiplayer with Jedi assault.
Other then that, there are no major bugs.
Please forgive the black textures on some things. It was a last minute error that
I don't want to deal with. 

Tips for jedi:

Try hitting Block button at times. Try attacking when in air. Try many things.
Each jedi is different and has a different way to play. 

Thanks to:

Foolis - Rep / CIS skins

Dann Boeing - Ground Textures, Christmas trees, coding help, some Droid weapons/coding

Caleb - Tunnel models (which didnt get used :| ), coding help

Moonwolf for coding advice / skins

~{PRO}~†D??_L€[email protected]$ for V's skin

All things Jedi combo related are totally owned by Metalcore Rancor Inc. 
I couldn't care less if you tried to steal the map layout. I suck at ZE work anyways. 
God bless you for downloading this map. Please enjoy it. :)

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