Space Carida



This is a custom space map for SWBF2. It features multiple capital ships per team, pilotable heavy turrets, fully armed and opertional Lucrehulk class battleship, numerous frigates, AI that will land in and attack enemy hangars, AI that will repair critical systems, and a unique class for each faction that can fly outside the hangars. It is playable in the Clone Wars era in the game mode Assault.



Welcome and thank you for downloading "Space Carida"!
This file is a custom mod map for Star Wars: Battlefront II.


1. Download the file.
2. Go to your downloads folder and extract the files and put them into your Lucasarts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/addon folder.
3. Play!

AI = 32
Points = 300


The Clone Wars drag on. The Republic's clone legions battle confederate forces across the galaxy, but both sides are in a stalemate.
To tip the balance in the Republic's favor, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine launches an initiative to set up training facilities
on the planet of Carida, home to numerous dynamic climates ideally suited for training in any combat scenario, to assist in readying
additional clone legions sooner. Seeking to put an end to the Republic's expansion plans, the CIS launches an assault on the planet, 
but before the invasion can commence, they must deal with the clone fleet stationed in orbit.


Special Thanks:
xwingguy, for providing an LUA that allows turrets to be destroyed on the death of their host frigate.

AceMastermind, for creating the fedcoreships with functional hangars.

Thrawnhex, for creating the OBG files that I used to place Capital Ships with ease.

Maveritchell and AQT, for providing the code that allows the AI to land in the hangars.

Dennorak, Aesir and TheGangastarTy, for helping test the map and work out the bugs.

The rest of the SWBFGamers and Gametoast communities. If I listed all of you here this ReadMe would go on forever. You know who you are
if you helped with this project. I am indebted to you all :)

Everything else is stock assets provided by Lucasarts and Pandemic.

-------Use of this Content-------
Use of anything contained in this file is welcome to be adjusted or otherwise altered by anyone who 
wants to, so long as I receive credit for any said works.

--------Known Issues--------
1. The shield generator inside the Droid Control Ship can't be destroyed via explosives (grenades, time bombs, etc.,) but rockets stil 
work. I have no idea how to fix this. To compensate I lowered the health of the generator.

2. The AI for the CIS won't repair the turret mainframe located on the Trade Federation Cruiser. This is due to vehicle notification ranges.
I can't strike a balance between them fixing it and getting into fighters. It was either one or the other.

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