Space Plataform Battle

Firenic's 'Space Plataform (platform?) Battle" is one map I'll file under the large category of "nice idea, execution leaves something to be...


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Firenic's 'Space Plataform (platform?) Battle" is one map I'll file under the large category of "nice idea, execution leaves something to be desired."

The setup is interconnected Kamino platforms floating in the middle of space. It plays... well, a lot like Kamino, go figure, since it's mostly open. The only difference is that it has a much higher vis distance (since it's space). It looks pretty, but it's very simple (which isn't always bad). I did notice that the walkways were the Kamino walkways with the lowrez texture - might want to remember that next time you're using Kamino assets. The AI planning could be a little better, too, since they tend to walk off into the void.

The sides are fairly unnecessary as they are. They're exactly the same as the stock sides, except the skins are mismatched for everyone. This serves the dual purpose of making the map look somewhat sloppy and adding about 250 MB too much to the filesize (since the stock sides were munged in full). This would definitely be a little bit higher in my esteem if it weren't so cluttered, texturewise.

It's a decent idea - and a fair map - as mentioned before, but the simplicity (and uniformity) of the map along with the ugly-looking sides don't help it out much. Worth a download if you're into sniper maps, though.


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Download '' (143.51MB)

Space Plataform Battle 
by Firenic 

History: The Clones have started to create a new space station, but The droids have detected them and 
the battle is inminent! Join the Droids or the Republic on this space battle, filled with camouflage 
snipers and action. 

Characters: All the Sides Have custom Skins, one of them is a Camo sniper. 
Installation: Unzip SPB.rar and copy the SPB folder to your *Program files/Star Wars Battlefront II/Gamedata/Addon. 

Bugs: The AI seems to disagree with the plannings and sometimes they fall and die. (Dunno how to change this) 
Contact: If you wanna criticate this map, or report another bug, email me to 

I hope that you like this map. 
This map Is dedicated to all the DS members. Join us! 

Thanks for downloading.

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