Space Utapau



So this is Space Utapau by barny. It's in it's beta stage so it's not perfect (there's a list of bugs in the readme).

It's the average space battle with default sides. except it has 2 republic cruisers but you can't land in the second.

One cruiser only has Arc-170s and Jedi Stafighters while the other has V-wings and a Gunship. While the CIS ship is the same. I couldn't count them all but there has to be at least 9 frigates if not more. Also when you leave your hanger you get HELLFIRE from the turrets, I would recommend adding shields to the fighters. The Second Republic cruiser has a interior too which I though was quite nice. ;)

Sorry if that was too short for your liking but we all Have lives outside the internet and right now I'm real busy.

So if you like the pictures give it a download




  Space utapau (BETA) ReadMe
Silas: Beta test
GOW clan: the clan im makin this map for
Known Glitches:

1. Some AI units just keep on walking to the walls of a cruiser.

2. CIS Heavy turrets fire green lasers.

3. You can't land in the second Republic Cruiser.
Things I'd like to tell you about:

1. Only 1 frigate ship is the actual frigate.

2. Some Republic Turrets might not turn off when u destroy the Auto-Defense Mainframe.

3. This is my first map.

4. I hope U enjoy it!!

1. Copy the SUB folder.

2. go to My Computer.

3. Go to Local Disk C:

4. Go to Program Files

5. Go to Lucas Arts

6. Go to Star Wars Battlefront II

7. go to GameData

8. Paste SUB in your Addon folder. (If you don't have an addon make one!)

If you have any qeustions contact me on Filefront as barny or if you have xfire, my xfire is barnaclebf2

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