Space Yavin

This is version 2 of spaceyavin's Space Yavin map.

Whats new in version 2?

The Millennium Falcon Luke's X-Wing Vader's T.I.E. Advanc...


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This is version 2 of spaceyavin's Space Yavin map.

Whats new in version 2?

The Millennium Falcon Luke's X-Wing Vader's T.I.E. Advanced X1 Extra Capital Ships Darth Vader Shock Troopers Han Solo (as a stormtrooper) Luke Skywalker (as a stormtrooper) Proper Ship Names Capital Ship Turbo Lasers Hanger Shields Disabled

That's it! I personally disliked the Hanger Shields being disabled because now you have turrets blowing you up in the Hangers but it does make it a little more fun. Also the capitol ships with capturable CP's you can't land in so don't try unless your careful! The new sides for the Alliance are Han Solo and Luke Skywalker as Stormtroopers and for the Empire Darth Vader and Shock Troopers.

It's a really nice improvement so if you enjoyed version 1 than you should give this a look into.

-Delta 47

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Space Yavin V2

SY2 GCW Assault Story:
The battle plan was completed after the crew and passengers of the Millennium Falcon successfully rescued Leia Organa from the Death Star, along with detailed technical plans of the massive space station. Ben Kenobi had confronted his former Padawan, Darth Vader, and sacrificed himself so the party could escape with the plans and deliver them to Alliance command. However, as Leia suspected, they were actually allowed to escape by the Empire, so as to lead Imperial forces to the main Rebel base on the fourth moon of Yavin. Studying the plans provided by R2-D2, the Rebels learned that the station had a small exhaust port which led to the main reactor, allowing a proton torpedo to reach it and destroy the station. However, the port was only two metres wide and situated in a narrow trench protected by turbolaser batteries. The trench would also have to be navigated to allow the Rebel targeting system to lock on to the port, in a climatic portion of the battle called the Trench Run. There was little confidence that the weakness could be exploited in such conditions.

Millenium Falcon,
Vader's T.I.E. Advanced X1
Hanger Shields Disabled
Han Solo (Stormtrooper)
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper)
Darth Vader
Shock Commando
Capital Ship TurboLasers
And lots, lots more!!!!!!!!!

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Falcon - Mav and Teancum
Tie X1 - Mav and Teancum
Modding Assistance - TheKingOfDaThing
Capital Ship TurboLasers - esteroth
ODF Modding - SpaceYavin (ME!!!)
All the rest - SpaceYavin (ME!!!)

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