Spira: Besaid



Here it is; Spira: Besaid.

Before I write anything else, three big tips:

READ THE README. This is the most important thing you can do. It's a complete player's guide (the one you download has pretty fonts, it's a little easier to read), and it'll cover all the complex aspects of the mod.

READ THE DIALOGUES. They tell you what to do. If you get totally lost, your mapscreen will have some hints, but it's always best to pay careful attention to what everyone's talking about.

SAVE OFTEN. There is one documented CTD (mentioned in the readme, it's easy to prevent) and you never know when you might run out of lives or do something silly. Make sure you save often so that you can always come back to where you were.

I'm not going to post a review or scores, and I won't ask one of the other staff members to try and play this completely through before they upload it, because that could take them a while.

Besaid is a tropical island located in the world of Spira, the location in which Final Fantasy 10 takes place. It's also the start of the main character, Tidus's, adventure.

Spira: Besaid starts as though you're Tidus waking up from the shipwreck that washed him ashore at the beginning of Final Fantasy 10. Much of the beginning of this map is played as though you were actually in Final Fantasy 10.

This map does play like an RPG, a role-playing game. That means your character changes as the story changes, most of which is seen in the unique "leveling-up" system. You'll meet new characters who will join your team later on in the story.

This story will play for approximately 2-4 hours, so unless you have a lot of time at once to sit down and play, make sure you take advantage of the save function. Described in detail in the readme, the save function allows you to save your progress, come back later, and pick up where you left off.

Additionally, as sort've a bonus, you can play KotOR conquest on this map. It's a pretty large map for infantry battles, so expect to run into lots of people shooting you... and the other team's hero. Archer01's hero support script is in this, which allows you, even in singleplayer, to face AI heroes.

Please note that the file is a self-extracting .exe file, and will extract the map right into your addon folder, saving you time (and download size). If for whatever reason the addon folder "FFX" doesn't go into your addon folder, make sure that the folder "FFX" is put in there. Alternatively, you may choose to have the file extracted (the .exe will allow you to choose if you like) to your desktop, so that you can manually move the file into your SWBF2/Gamedata/addon folder.





Spira: Besaid
Battlefront II RPG Map
By Maveritchell
User Guide:


Battle System:

The battle system in Spira: Besaid is set up with weaknesses and resistances in mind. Flans (the 
slime-like creatures) are magical creatures highly resistant to melee attacks but significantly more 
resistant to magical attacks. Additionally, all creatures face weaknesses based on their type: Fire 
is weak to ice, ice to fire, and thunder is weak to water (and water would be to thunder, but there 
are no water foes).

Leveling up:

Your character will level up as he progresses through the game. It's a pretty straightforward 
system, but one of the limitations of the engine is that you must "respawn" (enter a command post 
and rechoose your character - you don't have to kill yourself) to gain access to new moves. So if 
Tidus levels up and gains the move "Cheer," he must enter a Save Sphere (CP) to be able to use it.

Each Character Has an Advantage Over Something:

While some fiends may seem very difficult to beat with one character, with another character they 
will be exceptionally easy. Every character has a fiend against which they are the best, and a fiend 
against which they are the worst.


Overdrives can be tricky and may be temperamental. The way overdrives work are thusly:
When you reach certain levels, your character will learn an "overdrive" attack. This attack is 
generally a very powerful and one-use attack. Once you've used this attack to kill someone (with the 
exception of the end boss, against whom you only recieve one overdrive whether it kills him or not), 
you will "lose" access to your overdrive. If the attack fails to kill an enemy, you will be able to 
use that overdrive again as soon as you go to a save sphere and reselect your character.

Once you've used up your overdrive, you can get it back. To get back any of the characters' 
overdrives, you must kill 10 fiends with that character. To get back your summon's overdrive (same 
rules for losing the overdrive apply to the summon), you must defeat 20 fiends with any character or 


Saving will save everything you've done, including player 
level, story progress, sidequest completion (although not sidequest progress - remember this if you 
save mid-sidequest), and player lives.

To save, simply enter the save region (White CTF region near original spawning point) at any point 
during the story, with the exception of when you've just spawned (explained later). When you enter 
this region, a series of numbers will show up in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, like 

Save Slot 1:
Save Slot 2:
Save Slot 3:

...etc., all the way through "Save Slot 12." Remember those 12 numbers, in that order (keep paper & pen handy).

To restore a saved game, simply enter the save region as soon as you load the level, before you do 
anything. You will be teleported to a room with 5 boxes, numbered 1-5. Using those boxes, enter your 
save code (the 12 numbers) in order. Once you've done that you'll be teleported out and your game 
will be resumed from where you saved.

Just a quick note: Yes, hypothetically you could try and enter random numbers in to start at some 
point without having a legitimate save code. Often, when you try this, you will be very successful 
in giving yourself a high level. However, because of the way I set up the objectives, there is a 
very, very slim chance the objective numbers you guess will mean anything to the game, so you'll 
just be stuck at a high level with nothing to do. Basically, you can try to cheat, but likely it 
won't work.

WARNING: Save often and restore your game often to ensure optimum performance of the save function. 
As mentioned in the "Bugs" section, if you enter the save region too quickly after entering it 
before, you will glitch the save feature. Further description in "Bugs."


-If you use the summon weapon when it has no ammo immediately after your summon dies, you may cause 
a CTD. There is no fix, just be careful that you're not pounding on the secondary fire button too 
often when you play as the summon.

-If you enter the save region too often, you will cause the save function to glitch. Wait until a 
little after you've already seen all of your save slots before you try and save again. If your save 
function does glitch, you can still retrieve your save numbers. The glitch is that they will appear 
very rapidly and out-of-order.

-The "Xiphos" fiend cannot be hit with Wakka's blitzball.

-If you've obtained the reward from the Al Bhed fungi sidequest, and you switch to the "guest 
character," you will use up that reward. To fix this, once you're done using the "guest character" 
go back to where you recieved the award and talk to the NPC again.

-Using the summon to enter teleport regions may or may not cause some odd errors.


Jesus Christ: Son of God and savior of my life, He'll always be first on my list
archer01: hero support script
FragMe!: exporting models/floating icon fix
Caleb1117: Dantooine cliffs
Gogie: Malak model/animations
Squipple/eddie: numerous prop assets
Rends/MajinRevan: sound tutorials
psych0fred: documentation without which this would've been rather tough
Ace_Azzameen_5: coding consultation, autoinstaller tutorial
[RDH]Zerted: lots of coding consultation, saved me significant amounts of trial-and-error
wideboy: prop assets
Vyse: sound tutorial/vibrosword model
Lord_Bandu: prop assets
RepSharpshooter: numerous hex-editing tips/tricks, Cid skin
Marec (from freesoundproject forums): earthquake sfx
MasterSaitek009: Al Bhed skin
Qdin: Sith trooper model
SWBF2 Convo Pack: Republic trooper skin

Beta Testers (not all of these necessarily gave input but they were all willing to put aside lots of 
time to test this map):

And the list is endless of the people from whom I've recieved little hints and tips here or there. 
The entire Gametoast community made this map possible.

Additionally, thanks to Squaresoft/SquareEnix for the original creation of Final Fantasy X.

The author may be contacted at the following e-mail address:
maveritchell at gmail dot com

Thanks, and enjoy!

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