Sraiden: Ash Forest

Sraiden: Ash Forest, is, as the title suggests, an ash forest. The environment is so well done you can almost feel yourself choking. Flamesp...


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Sraiden: Ash Forest, is, as the title suggests, an ash forest. The environment is so well done you can almost feel yourself choking. Flamespouts and ash are everywhere. Dry, dead stumps are all that remain of what looks to be a once mighty forest.

As the readme states, the Galactic Civil War era has had the most work put into it. New units and vehicles have been added whereas the Clone War era sides(Barring a few name changes) remain vanilla with no vehicles. The sides in GCW with their custom weapons are really something to behold. In GCW I found myself changing my style to sniping rather than the standard Battlefront Rambo-esque style. It took me more than one play-through to try them all out. :-)

*Modders Side Note For those of you who want interesting custom weapons in your maps, check out Sky/Skyhammer_216/Skammer_216's very own Weapons Pack. It has some very nice weapons in it for those times that you're at a loss for what to add.*

The gameplay moves along at a very brisk pace with, in my experience, every CP changing hands at least three times. With the Command Posts changing teams so quickly it was hard to feel like I had much of an impact on the outcome of the game. But that's probably my Rambo nature showing through.

There is less cover than it first appears, so, it's wise to keep moving especially in GCW with it's more damaging custom weapons. From the ash in the air to the deadly flamespouts, details were very much concentrated on in this map.

All things considered this is a great quality map. I recommend a download.


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Download 'llv.7z' (25.53MB)

Sraiden: Ash Forest (Version 1)

GCW Story:
A rebel transport has crash landed on the unstable, ash covered world of Sraiden. Imperial transports 

have been deployed to eliminate any survivors.  

GCW is the focus or this map. CW was left in simply for those who really like the stock CW era. 

Future version(s) will have custom sides  for CW era.
Modes are: gcw conquest, cw conquest.
This map is the counterpart of my Kadrala map. 'Reverse' environment, reversed custom era, but still with a hopefully realistic feeling environment, very little lag despite masses of effects and custom sides. 

Put the folder 'LLV' in your addon folder. To uninstall, delete it from addon folder.

]v[ - dark trooper phase 3.
Pandemic/Lucas Arts - BF2/Mod Tools.
Gametoast users - for Modding support. Lots of it.
RED51 - shock trooper skin.
[RDH]Zerted/Maveritchell - help with/making original code for the carbonite grenade.
MasterSaitek009 - force stasis, on which the carbonite grenade is based.

Known bugs:
Some tips in the startup screen mention custom CW units even though there aren't any custom CW units.

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