Sraiden: Ash Forest + 'Custom Conquest'

"Sraiden: Ash Forest," by Skammer_216, is a touch-up of his previously-released map of the same name.

I hadn't played the earlier version...


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"Sraiden: Ash Forest," by Skammer_216, is a touch-up of his previously-released map of the same name.

I hadn't played the earlier version, but it was a pleasure to play through this one. The environment, which is quickly becoming a standard in Skammer_216's maps, is set up very well. I liked the creative use of the Geonosis props to create "fire pits," as well as the varied placement of the dead trees - all in all, a very unique setting that held its own coherent theme, and held it well. While the map is a fairly "flat map," it avoids some pitfalls of standard flat maps - it isn't too flat, the terrain feels natural, and there are enough props to keep things looking different from place-to-place.

The biggest change from the earlier version is going to be the additions in the sides. While version 1.0 had custom GCW sides, version 2.0 includes not only the custom CW sides, but the custom CW sides (and GCW sides) featured on a few different stock planets, as sort've a mini-sides-mod (although it adds them as a mode, so you don't have to worry about breaking any sort of compatibility).

The sides for both CW and GCW are well-put together and creative - they don't make anything too ridiculous or farfetched, but by the same token, the mundane is avoided with clever weapons like carbonite grenades. This is just one more opportunity to play as these sides which will doubtless be seen again on other maps by Skammer_216, as he seems to like including these with his maps.

Also, for those of you who prefer much larger battles, "uber" mode (XL conquest) has been added for both CW and GCW on Sraiden. Be sure to check it out; it's well worth your download.

Note: For anyone concerned with or keeping track of the number of missions loaded into Battlefront 2, a "lite" addme.script is included that only has the Sraiden scripts. Be sure to take note of this important mention in the readme!


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Download 'llv.exe' (47.26MB)

Sraiden final version. Most improvements are to sides and gameplay. (Map has slight visual improvemenet in CW). Also adds extra mode, custom conquest, to 5 stock maps. Script included that lets you switch extra mode of if you've got too many missions already.
Also in exe format so (hopefully) need no 7zip.

Readme File:
Sraiden: Ash Forest (Final Version)

A cis/rebel transport carrying an important leader has crash landed on the unstable, ash covered world of Sraiden. Republic/Imperial transports have been deployed to eliminate any survivors. 

Improvements since V1:
Full custom CW sides added.
Uber mode added - double troop numbers. 
CW ships/props added to CW era.
Everything localised.
Missing sounds replaced.

Extra Content - Custom Conquest Mode:
Added extra mode on some stock maps - 'Custom Conquest' - uses Sraiden sides, (with some extra vehicles/heroes).
'Custom Conquest' Mode playable on:
CW: Dagobah, Polis Massa, Mygeeto, Mustafar, Kamino.
GCW: Mustafar.
Because people can have too many missions (with things like BFX and ConvoPack adding so many), a modified 'addme' file is included that removes the Custom Conquest Mode. To use it, backup the original addme in the LLV folder, delete the original and rename 'addme (no extras)' to 'addme.'

Extract archive (click it), put the folder 'LLV' in your addon folder. To uninstall, delete it from addon folder.

]v[ - dark trooper phase 3.
Pandemic/Lucas Arts - BF2/Mod Tools.
Gametoast users - for Modding support. Lots of it.
RED51 - shock trooper skin.
[RDH]Zerted/Maveritchell - help with/making original code for the carbonite grenade.
MasterSaitek009 - force stasis, on which the carbonite grenade is based.
Maveritchell - force kill, basis for Seeto's force crush.
darthD.U.C.K. - re-enveloped scout/jettrooper

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