Star Destroyer Assault

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Originally added 2-14-11

Tech: 8
Balance: 9
Quality: 8
FunFactor: 8
Stability: 9
Creativity: 8
Item Placement: 10

Overall Rating: 8.6


Jaspo returns to us today with this update to a previous map, entitled Star Destroyer: Assault. The map, as the title implies, takes place in a Star Destroyer, featuring a conflict between the Rebels and the Empire on one of the larger interior maps I've seen recently.

The map is a fairly linear affair- essentially it is one line from the Rebel starting point (they only have one CP at the beginning) to the very tip of the ship. Because the Rebels start off with only one CP in a hangar, they have a bit of a disadvantage at the beginning, though they generally manage to push through and get into the ship proper fairly quickly. Though the map is basically just one line, there are a lot of levels to the ship, though you will eventually end up at the same location as all the hallways basically just stack on top of each other. The ship isn't a very diverse environment, basically being just a series of hallways and occasionally breaking out into larger areas where you can change your elevation.

Visually, the ship is pretty homogenous - there isn't much, if any, variation between different areas of the ship and it's easy to get turned around and go in the opposite direction. However, the larger areas where you break out of the hallways are much more visually interesting and have some interesting design concepts in play. You can even get out of the map proper and fly around its Star Destroyer container from the Rebel CP, which is a nice touch. There isn't anything to do out there, but that's not a big deal. Also, the map is very large, which can be a benefit and a detractor depending on your playing style.

I can't really make a lot of recommendations here, as this is a pretty good map. It's well constructed, for a linear map, and does feel authentic. However, I found the visual environment to be rather boring, which sort of detracted from my playing experience. If that could be made more interesting in any way, then I think the map would be much more fun to play. Other than that, this is good work as is usual from Jaspo. I'd suggest giving it a download.




Star Destroyer Assault

By Jaspo

version 1.1


A rebel transport craft has forced its way into the hangar of an Imperial Star Destroyer, allowing a boarding party to storm the ship...


Modes are Conquest, CTF, and 1 flag CTF.

Autobalancing is disabled in conquest and 1 flag CTF, AI difficulty is set to 3, 3 in all modes (equal but more difficult.)

This is an interior map, not a space map, though it is possible to fly around in space in conquest mode. 

Conquest mode is more of a boarding party mode; the rebels start with 1 cp in the hangar, and the Imps have the other 15.
Playing as the Imps will be easier because of this and the fact that they have the higher "ground."

This map successfully makes use of multiple levels, this being achieved through careful planning.

Warning: this map is naturally rather large. Unless your intent is simply to tour the vessel, it is wise to spawn close to the action.


Reskinned rebel Bothan Spy and Rebel Smuggler, they now match the colors of the Alliance marines better.

2 new units, set as heroes in conquest mode,

For the Alliance:

Bothan Scout
HP 1200
-commando pistol-->award pistol
-fusion cutter
-3x poison buff
-1/3rd power droideka shield emitter
-can safely bypass enemy mines

For the Empire:

HP 1200
-Shotgun-->award shotgun
-commando pistol-->award pistol
-3x mines
-3x thermal detonators
-can safely bypass enemy mines

These units are intentionally weak as far as heroes go; I did not want them to be too big a factor in the gameplay...
lightsaber heroes in particular, by contrast, would be very overpowered in this map.

Changes since version 1.0:

-Changed the background music back to stock SWBF2 music rather than custom music.
-Changed the Bothan Scout from an unlockable unit to a hero unit in conquest mode, and set the hero hp to 1200 (was 300 as a normal unit.)
-Doubled the strength of the Bothan Scout shield (and also doubled its charge and drain rates.)
-Added working sounds to the Bothan Scout shield.
-Enabled the Bothan Scout to safely bypass enemy mines.
-Created Gunner unit to be the Imperial hero unit.
-Replaced ramps to the bridge with elevators to the bridge (these are controlled by looping animations, no triggers, so you will probably have to wait
a while for the elevator doors to open--the longer elevator takes more than a minute to go up and down once, whereas the shorter one takes exactly
half a minute to do so.) This of course involved the creation of a number of new models as well as modifications of old ones.
-Moved the command post that was on the removed ramps to a different room near the center of the map.
-Moved the bridge command post down to below the elevators, for the sake of the AI.
-Removed the glitchy glowing lights from the center of the rebel transports.
-Added a landing region to the hangar.
-Removed all the exterior death regions that were no longer necessary due to the inclusion of the landing region.
-Made some changes to the mechroom (nearest room to the elevators, where the Imperial flag is located in 2 flag ctf)...these changes include changing
the ceiling texture, adding pipes around the platforms (these use the meshtool envmap), changing the generator model, animating the generator model,
duplicating the generator model (x10), adding sound to the generator model.
-made changes to the texture used as wall lighting in parts of the map.
-added meshtool envmap to the bridge windows (they are now like the windows in Bothawui: Business District...transparent and shiny.)
-meshtool envmapped a few other textures.
-added sectors and portals, which greatly decrease lag in the map while preventing objects from randomly disappearing from view in front of you...
well, moreso anyway.
-changed planning and barriers as necessary, of course.
-Increased the view distances in the .sky file.


Everything I didn't make was created by LucasArts/Pandemic.

I modeled and mapped most of the interior models and also the sensor array. I also made changes to the engines (they glow now) and 
part of the star destroyer model (put a hole in it for the command bridge)...Be sure to check out the bridge.
Many of the textures used in these models are stock textures or modifications of stock textures, though some are made from scratch.

Please contact me if you wish to use any of these assets...I may not want to make all of them publicly available.

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