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The title says it all. These are promotional stills from Commander Jaspo's upcoming Star Destroyer map, which is still in progress. If it so...


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The title says it all. These are promotional stills from Commander Jaspo's upcoming Star Destroyer map, which is still in progress. If it sounds interesting to you then be sure to download it!


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Star Destroyer interior fight WIP screenies--GCW only.

by Commander Jaspo

Here are images from my latest work in progress, which attempts to cover some unique ground for SWBF2:

a) a fight inside a capital ship, which will even have a bridge when completed.

b) flawless multi-level pathing.

As you can see from the screenies, the map will have four layers in most areas, possibly even more in some places.
The key to getting this to work in SWBF2 is to never have a dead end blocking a path on any of the layers...the zero-edit shot I
included shows how I accomplished this to transition from one level to four. I took advantage of the movement of the AI within a
path to randomize the chance of staying on the current level or going up to the next one; the path is mostly on the up-ramp, but
a small portion of it is off the the AI a chance to either fall off while going up or to sneak by the ramp on the 
side and thereby avoid it entirely. I made that path one-way in the up direction and another in the opposite directon which lets the
AI jump off the ledge above and thereby use the entire area provided while staying out of the way of units ascending.

To switch from level to level, the AI will use the ISDrampcase, pictured in a MSH viewer screenie, which will simply have a 
full-width planning hub on each side, and barriers toward the middle, allowing the AI to randomly go right, left, or center--right
going to the next level down, left going to the next level up, and center staying on the same level.

Now, in case you have not been informed about AI stupidity, then know this: they will sit on a level below a cp and think that they
are capturing can even observe this on the BF1 Bespin map. To make it at least look like they are doing something useful,
I am putting cps on every level instead of just on one level. The map layout will consist of 3 sets of 4 cps like the one you see
in the screenies, probably laid out in a triangular fashion of sorts, and two single cps on each end of the map, where there is 
only one level. The first side is finished, with a cp in the hangar and one in the server room. The second side will have a cp in
the bridge and one somewhere else...engines or turbolasers or something. Total cps = total allowed, 16.
I have yet to decorate the exterior of the ship. I think I will put the correct number of turbolasers on each side (4, instead of 2)
and maybe also remake the engines. For sure I want to make a custom sensor array--not to be confused with the bridge, Pandemic--that 
matches the movies better. Yes, it is possible, in case you are wondering, to fly out of the ship and look around. I put barriers 
around the fliers to keep the AI from attempting to do likewise, however.

I quickly discovered that heroes make the map incredibly unbalanced, so I removed them. The conquest mode will be a bit abnormal 
in that the Alliance will start with a single CP in the hangar next to their transport and the empire will control the rest--it 
will be more of an infiltration mode that way, and more realistic. I am compensating for the imbalance by giving them more reinforcements.
The map will also have 1-flag and 2-flag CTF.

I should also point out that in a lot of places I have not put in walls yet...just so you know I will be using star wars screenshots 
for reference (though most are actually from the super star destroyer, since there were actually only two or three scenes inside the
regular star destroyers in the entire trilogy, and none in ANH)...but anyway that is why you can currently see space from the interior 
in most areas.

Models in this map that are not from the game are mine, though some of them use textures or modified textures from the game.

So, I'm posting this to prove that multileveled SWBF2 maps can be made, to inform you of how to make them, to generate excitement over
the future release of this particular map (and, might I add, there have already been a number of comments here and there wishing for 
such a map), and to invite discussion and suggestions re: map contents and improvement, pre-release.

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