Star Viper Source Files



There's nothing more to say other than: Nice job, Mini' ;D

It's simply the Mandalorian Virago, also known as Basilisk from KotOR2, at least if I remember right... ;P

You get the source files, even though he COULD have made a .lvl file instead which people could load their sides from. But nonetheless it means now that you can edit the .odf files :)

enjoy, modders!

P.S. Before anyone says anything near it, I'm gonna clarify that it is NOT playable unless you make yourself a map and put it into your map! NOT before.



Mandal Motors - Star Viper *README*


Model, Animations, .odf and conversion - minilogoguy18
Textures - NeoMarz1


This is the mandalorian fighter used by the Black Sun in Shadows of 
the Empire EU.
It has 2 twin laser cannons, 2 proton torpedo launchers, shileds and 
is highly maneuverable.
Prince Xizor wanted a fighter that was as fast as a TIE Interceptor 
but with the versatility 
of an X-Wing and thats pretty much what this is.

The mesh was created with Softimage|XSI by myself and the textures by 
NeoMarz1 using Photoshop.The only thing this fighter doesnt include is
a cockpit since i could never find reference for one.You'll also notice
that the soldier collision on one of the bottom wings isn't right but
that's no big deal really.


To contact me for usage of this model or modification of it
e-mail me at [email protected]


You may include this vehicle into your maps all you want but if you 
want to make ANY MODIFICATIONS please contact me and ask permission 
first since alot of work went into this and I'd be VERY unhappy if it
got ripped of by someone else and slapped thier name on it.

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