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Certainly everyone remembers the Conversion Pack - that large map pack originally designed to simply bring the maps from Battlefront 1 into Battlefront 2? Well, we've seen a lot of changes since the initial concept, and it's developed into not only a "conversion" but a large game addition as well.

SWBFFiles itself has seen two releases (although they have only been incomplete beta versions); 1.0 and 1.75. Well, today we bring you something completely new - Conversion Pack 2.0.

This version has a lot that earlier versions either didn't have, or had - but were bug-ridden. There's so much to try out; one simple review won't cover it. Here's a short list of everything the Pack has:

-25 new maps -New era (KotOR) -Five new clone legions -Three new unit classes added to the original classes. -Over 40 new heroes for CW and GCW, and over 30 heroes for KotOR alone -Six new game modes -Nearly 30 new vehicles -UnOfficial 1.3 patch (includes visual upgrades of 1.2 with shell upgrades)

There's so much content in here, it's almost like a completely new game. If there's anything on this site you should check out, it's definitely this.




Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack 2.0
Full Release

Well, it's finally here. After more than two years, the Conversion Pack has been seen through to its completion. And what a completion!

This includes twenty-five new maps, six new modes, one new era, and countless amounts of content added to the original two eras.

The new maps cover all the map content that was in the original Star Wars Battlefront - all of the fan favorites, from Bespin: Platforms to Rhen Var: Harbor. Original map content is included as well: two unique Knights of the Old Republic maps have been added, expanded Space battles have been added, even the Raxus Prime level from Pandemic's "Clone Wars" has been recreated for Battlefront.

Our new gamemodes cover a variety of playstyles, from the more lighthearted "Hero Capture-the-Flag" to the tactical "Holocron" mode. In an effort to truly recreate a Battlefront 1 experience, the "Classic Conquest" mode offers a near-replica of the original game's play, including AI heroes.

Knights of the Old Republic also makes an appearance with a complete era of its own. Play as either the Old Republic or the Sith Empire on any of the game's stock maps as well as all of the new Conversion Pack maps. Including over thirty heroes of its own, the KotOR era is a comprehensive Battlefront look at the acclaimed RPG.

Finally, all of the original eras have been tweaked. The Conversion Pack comes with the UnOfficial 1.3 patch, which includes a visual upgrade to all the stock sides while at the same time maintaining online compatibility (and no compatibility will be broken by anything in the Pack). Additionally, on the new maps the stock sides have been expanded to include three new classes per faction. There are also over forty new heroes for the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras.

To install, just make sure you run the installer and follow all the directions (and read all the dialogs) provided in the installer. We recommend that to insure a clean installation, you install these things in the following order:

1) Star Wars Battlefront II
2) Star Wars Battlefront II v1.1 patch
3) ConvoPackInstaller

If you have a problem, please refer to the "Conversion Pack documentation" folder (which is in the download).

Thanks very much, and enjoy!

Tommy Shields

2 years ago

Downloaded the installer and virus scanned it to find 'easyminer.exe' as part of the download.

I downloaded it with another computer and scanned it to find nothing. Make sure you scan before you install.


2 years ago

These old installers trigger false positives in a lot of AV software.