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This new patch to the popular "Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack" is in response to a number of things that have been mentioned since th...


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This new patch to the popular "Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack" is in response to a number of things that have been mentioned since the release of the Pack in September of last year.

Of course, the 2.2 patch provides a number of bugfixes from the small (first-person views) to the larger (CTDs on certain maps). There have also been several (mostly redundant) modes cut from the Pack in an effort to improve both online and offline stability, as well as make it easier for anyone with the Pack to have more mods installed at once.

There are also a number of additions to the Pack with the 2.2 patch. The largest of these is that this comes packaged with the "lite" version of the 1.3 patch, revision 117. This can be installed directly over your 1.3 patch if you already have it installed, and this will make sure that the Pack is up-to-date with some of the newer functions of the 1.3 patch (like custom Galactic Conquests).

You'll also see things like a new vehicle on Concord Dawn or Kit Fisto showing up on Methlyn in addition to Alderaan. There should be plenty of things to look forward to; make sure you read the readme and the documents the patch comes with, and know that you will need to already have the Conversion Pack 2.0 installed (and working) before you install this patch. Enjoy!


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Download 'conpack2.2patch.exe' (58.01MB)

Download instructions:

1) You must have Conversion Pack 2.0 installed and working.
2) Autoinstall to "GameData" directory or manually extract to that directory.
3) Confirm correct installation by checking to see if "patch.lvl" and "patch2.lvl" are in the “Star Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddonBF1data_LVL_PCSIDE” folder.
4) Once properly installed, please read notes and changelist included in “Star Wars Battlefront IIGameDataConPack2.2PatchChanges” folder.

Important note on the ingame HUD (heads-up display) and other components of the 1.3 patch:

As you may be aware, previous versions of the 1.3 patch came complete with a new HUD. You had (and have) the option to disable this HUD. With the installation of the Conversion Pack 2.2 patch, the HUD will be enabled. If you wish to disable this HUD, please note that you are now upgraded to r117 (instead of r83) of the 1.3 patch. You may do all operations on the 1.3 patch (including HUD removal/addition) in the addon folder “AAAv1.3patch.” Please see the 1.3 patch documentation in that folder for more information.

Bossk First-Person View
Nien Nunb First-Persion View
Prince Xizor First-Person View
Bossk Concussion Rifle Fire/Explosion sound
Fixed model errors with Asajj Ventress, Mara Jade, Aurra Sing, and Komari Vosa
Kit Fisto’s shadow
Kit Fisto’s combo tweaked (to allow for easier use of “secondary” melee combo)
Cloud Car collision
Floating HUD icons in Felucia Hunt (KotOR)
Missing KotOR heroes in:
-Rhen Var: Harbor 
-Geonosis: Spire
-Raxus Prime
Points imbalance in Utapau Hunt
Broken Naboo Hero Assault
Sounds Naboo Hero Assault
Sounds KotOR era on Kamino/Felucia
Lowbacca crash-to-desktop on Endar Spire
Mara Jade crash-to-desktop on Naboo: Plains
Missing tur.lvl for Space Endor
Missing turrets for Rhen Var: Harbor and Citadel (KotOR)
Offline stability improvements (reduced mode count, cleaned mission.lvl)

Updated components to the 1.3 patch added (courtesy [RDH]Zerted)
-please see the full 1.3 Patch documentation (available at to see the list of changes)
Particle effects added to Kit Fisto’s Force Bubble
New lightsaber hilt for Kit Fisto
New force wave effect (CW and GCW)
New lightsaber hilts for Asajj Ventress
Correct explosion chunks added for B-Wing, V-19 Torrent
V-Wing airspeeder added to Concord Dawn and Haruun Kal (GCW)
Kit Fisto added as hero on Methlyn
SWBF1-version Hoth added for Hoth Classic Conquest

Cut Modes (mostly redundancies):
A full list can be found in the document that comes with the patch download.

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