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Hello, hello. I've been on vacation for the past two weeks so that's why I haven't been around but P-Unit (I'm gonna call you that from now on) has taken care of everything so it's time for me to make-up my absence starting with this great map by Maveritchell. Once again Mav' has brought something new and original to Battlefront II -- no, not more space pirates and starfighters. Here we have our first real KOTOR map. For anyone who doesn't know KOTOR stands for Knights Of The Old Republic -- the super-popular RPG Star Wars games that everyone loves. I've actually never played them.

The map features what anyone would expect in a KOTOR map: Jedi, Sith, Sith troopers, Force powers -- you get the idea. Sullust is Assault-only but both era's are playable.

  • CW Assault For the first time (forgive me if I'm mistaken) you can play as either the Old Republic or the Sith Empire and battle it out like they did back in days of the KOTOR era. What's most notable is the new Sith trooper model created by Qdin. It's very nice and feels like it fits in the game unlike some custom-made models that feel out of place. CW Assault is basically just like XL mode except there aren't a million units running around at once. The new weapons they all carry are pretty neat though a couple of them might take some getting used to. Personally I like running around with a vibro sword and cutting people down just cause it gets the job done faster. Plus the sword doesn't take any getting used to.
  • GCW Assault This'll undoubtedly be the favorite of the two modes seeing as it

is the Jedi versus Sith mode. Now, I'm not too fond of Hero Assault, which this clearly resembles, but I was relieved to discover that it's different enough to be considered... well, different. There's a variety of new Force powers that Mav has concocted to resemble the Force powers players could use in the KOTOR games. They're pretty cool if you know how to use them effectively. Some powers have "cool-down" times which are there to prevent "Force-spamming" which is something I had always hated about Hero Assault. If you're like me at all you'll have bad memories of being pushed, pulled, and gripped around while playing Mos Eisley Assault online. You won't have those problems with this map. There are different classes of Jedi and Sith, each with their own unique flavor to add to the mix. You'll also see some Republic and Sith troopers running around for you to smack for easy kills. Guilty pleasures I guess.

The map itself is well-designed. It doesn't look like much from the pictures but once you're exploring it in-game you'll discover that screenshots can't do the map justice. To give you an idea of what it looks like it's simply a cross between Mustafar and Rhen Var. No snow or ice though. Quite the opposite.

I didn't encounter any bugs while playing, though there appear to be a few AI path problems here and there but it's nothing serious. If you have a lower-end PC you might experience some lag from the lava bursts and Jedi battles.

Sullust: Jedi Conclave is a nice divergence from the norm. All of the map's components are well-put together and there really isn't anything to complain about here at all. I'd imagine that this map could be very popular online. Good work!


PS: For anyone who doesn't know how to install a map by now please refer to the ReadMe below because the ReadMe included in the zip-file doesn't include install instructions.



Sullust: Jedi Conclave
(GCW Hero Assault = Jedi/Sith Assault, main story)
(CW Hero Assault = Infantry Assault bonus mode)

by Maveritchell
(maveritchell at gmail dotcom)

TRAILER VIEWABLE AT: http://files.filefront.com/SHAintromov/;8092443;;/fileinfo.html

WIP THREAD (lots of info on the map, plus more pictures): http://www.gametoast.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=10530&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

INSTALLATION: Use WinZip or WinRAR to unzip Sullust.zip. Once it's finished extracting copy/cut and paste the folder named SHA into your LucasArts/Star Wars BattlefrontII/GameData/addon folder.

It is a dark time for the Jedi Order. In the aftermath of the JEDI CIVIL WAR, many Jedi are fallen, and many more disenchanted with the Order. 

The defeat of Darth Malak at the hands of the redeemed Revan has bought the Jedi a brief respite, but some of the masters contend that there is a deep, abiding evil awaiting them. 

These stirrings among the Jedi prompt the council to call a CONCLAVE on the planet of SULLUST, where an Jedi temple once stood. The council hoped that the ancient temple, ravaged by war and climate alike, would provide the necessary focus for direction in such an uncertain time. 


I, like many of you here, am a big fan of Knights of the Old Republic. I know there have been times where I've been playing Battlefront hero assault, and wishing that I could just Force Storm someone into submission. Heh, wishing SWBF was KOTOR. Well, that won't happen, but hopefully this is the next best thing, insomuch as Jedi are concerned. 

What I'm making here is a Hero Assault map, featuring Jedi versus Sith. Also present will be Republic troopers and Sith troopers, as locals but mostly as cannon fodder. There are 12 force powers to be used; 4 Dark Side powers, 3 Light Side powers, and 5 Universal powers.

The Jedi classes are broken down as they are in the game Knights of the Old Republic. There is a Force-heavy class, a Melee-heavy class, and a balanced class, and then "Prestige" classes for all of these. If you are unfamiliar with how these classes are set up, not to worry. All this really means is that one-third of the classes is set to be melee-oriented (guardians, Sith Marauder, and Jedi Weaponmaster), one-third is set to be force-oriented (consulars, Sith Lord, and Jedi Master), and one-third is balanced (sentinels, Sith Assassin, and Jedi Watchman). In this map, the force-oriented classes are the weakest, but can use the most force powers, whereas the melee classes are strongest but have the least force-using ability. The balanced classes are somewhere in the middle.

Additionally, there is an infantry assault bonus mode included, available if you play CW hero assault.


TIPS FOR THIS MAP (Important; you probably want to read these.)

-Always, always, always remember your lightsaber block. It blocks powers like Force Kill that can be devastating. A good rule of thumb is this: Are you using a force power? Are you dashing? If you're not doing one of those, then keep up saber block. 

-All Force powers, with the exception of one or two, have a cool-down time before you can use the same power again. This prevents the AI from spamming powerful attacks (they still will somewhat, but trust me, it's not unmanageable like it used to be). However, an intelligent player can get around this cool-down time by rotating force powers. This negates the cool-down time. 

-Some force powers work especially well in conjunction with certain units or other force powers. It goes without saying that all the buffs you should apply immediately before heading into a large group of enemies. Force Valor and Force Scream especially. Also, the burst of speed power (one of my favorites!) can be used with your jump to travel very large distances. 

-Read the "Force Powers Guide" included in this readme. It is invaluable in helping you to understand the powers, since nearly all of them are new in some way.

-Finally, make use of the "Follow Me" command. There's nothing like heading into battle with a Jedi Consular and a Jedi Master on your wings, waiting to heal you or buff you should you need it.


Plague (as used by the Dark Jedi Guardian) 

Use: Point, click, and release. This power rarely "runs out of force" (overheats), and it will slowly drain opponents' health. Targets a group of opponents in the immediate area in front of you. 

Force Kill (as used by the Dark Jedi Sentinel) 
Use: Click and release. Will kill whatever opponent you're pointing at appx. 2.5 seconds after you release. If you want to hit a target, keep your reticle pointed at him. This power never runs out of force. 

Force Scream (as used by the Dark Jedi Consular) 
Use: Point and click. Will hit a small area in front of you for damage and cause nearby targets to wince and lose defense. Note that this can be deflected back at you with lightsaber block. This power can be used appx. 4 times before it runs out of force. 

Force Storm (as used by the Sith Lord) 
Use: Click. Hits omnidirectionally within a short radius. Deals large amount of damage to all foes. This power can be used appx 3 or 4 times before you run out of force. 


Burst of Speed (as used by the Jedi Guardian) 
Use: Move in a direction (any, can be forwards, backwards sideways) and hold. You will move very rapidly in that direction (can be changed mid-dash) for a short period of time. This power can be used 3 times before you run out of force. 

Force Valor (as used by the Jedi Consular) 
Use: Click. Surrounding allies and you will have their attack and defense stats highly increased for a short time. One use before force runs out. 

Force Heal (as used by Jedi Master) 
Use: Click. Nearby allies and yourself will be healed a large amount of your health. Two or three uses before force runs out. 


Force Whirlwind (as used by the Jedi Sentinel) 
Use: Point and click. Will hit area in front of you with a gust of wind that lifts your opponents up and drops them, dealing them damage. This hits the immediate area in front of you. Note that if you are very near to your enemy, you will push them slightly, and if you are further away, you will pull them in slightly. This power can be used about 4 times before you run out of force. 

Force Wave (as used by the Jedi Master) 
Use: Click. Nearby opponents will be dealt a large amount of damage and be knocked down. Two uses before force runs out. (Technically this is universal, but only Light Side gets it.) 

Force Camouflage (as used by the Sith Assassin) 

Use: Click and release or hold. Once in the cloak, you can't jump or attack without lowering the invisibility. In light of that, I personally prefer to hold the mouse button down; that way I can attack right out of the invisibility instead of toggling it off and then attacking. Force doesn't run out. 

Battle Meditation (as used by the Jedi Watchman) 

Use: Click. All units on the battlefield will be affected. If they are friend, their defense will be raised, if foe, defense will decrease. One use depletes your force. 

Throw Lightsaber (as used by the Jedi Weaponmaster and Sith Marauder) 

Use: Click. You'll throw your saber some distance and it will hit for more than a single saber swipe. Force doesn't run out. 



Jesus Christ - for not showing me fairness, but instead showing me grace

AceMastermind - exporting Kolto Tank

Caleb1117 - KOTOR computer panel

Darth_Maul - beta tester (and for getting me a copy of Qdin's trooper that worked)

epm01 - beta tester

lieutenantcoda - beta tester

PvtParts - custom landmine effect

Qdin - Sith Trooper

[RDH]Zerted - loadscreen tutorial

Rekubot - beta tester

Rends - adding sound tutorial

RevanSithLord - beta tester

Teancum - Republic Trooper skin

Vyse - vibrosword

XxDepredationxX - beta tester

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