Super Arena Land



This most recent submission, by TotallyToenails, falls squarely into the Yavin IV category.

It's a map set up in almost a direct line, interspersed with various Yavin objects (on the Yavin terrain, with the Yavin sky...). It's a decent setup, but to be honest, with the basic Yavin objects and no change to the Yavin visuals, it's pretty boring. The gameplay is solid, though.

It's also worth mentioning that the map could be improved by a few object placement tweaks (there's some Z-fighting on some textures) and by doing some blending on the terrain.

To summarize, it's a very simple, solid idea, but it isn't very pretty in the end. Give it a try if you like.




===============================Super Arena Land==============================

This map is an 'Extra Large Arena Deluxe'.  It has many ruined walls, buildings, and a temple.  There is a ravine running through the middle and the only way across is a bridge, or a little side path along the side.  Four command posts can be located (two for each side).  Highly sudgested to put the AI unit count to the maximum for a large, intense battle.

Known Bugs/Glitches:

No known glitches, but the AI tends to bump into walls a little, but fix themselves quickly.  The supports to the bridge ussually end up catching a few AI, but some make it out.  I sudgest putting the AI unit count up, so that the trapped AI don't make much of an impact.


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