Suun Ra: Desert City v1.1 (Sky to Ground)

Suun Ra Desert City by JazzMaster.zip


DISCLAIMER: Turn View Distance and LOD distance in your video settings all the way up for this map to look the best it can. Trust me!


--CW Era-- Republic CIS/Suun Ra Defense Forces

--GCW Era-- Imperial Remnant New Republic

Includes: CW/GCW eras. Conquest Only. Starfighter and Infantry Combat. New Skins New Clone z95 Headhunter, Clone Y-wing, Regular z95 Headhunter, E-Wing and Hyena Droid bomber. Custom fighter Cockpits Custom Sides, with many models provided by the community. XL troop numbers.



Extract (from the .zip file) folder "THC" Move THC into your addon folder (Star Wars Battlefront II/Gamedata/addon) Then play!

--- Credits: Dragonum/ Bertie For Munificent Class Frigate Forcemaster for the amazing Venator and BTL-B Y-wing models. Warb Null, for all the other non-stock capital ship models and E-wing. Warb Null, again for letting me edit his Z95 into the Clone z95 and regular z95 model. Psych0fred for the New Republic's troop transport (Republic Command Shuttle) Rends: Coruscant city assests (skyscrapers, platforms, containers) RogueKnight and Pahricida: DC-15 rifle SoM3 and DEVISS-REX: DC-15s Carbine deviss, icemember, DARTH D.U.C.k. NeoMarz and dragonum for Commander Bly model Taivyx for the Stouker rifle tripider, TwinkeyRunaway, Unit 33, Glith, and Nedarb7 for The New Republic support and pilot model/skins. TwinkeyRunaway for the luke skywalker skin. Dragonum for the Clone Support pauldron. Backpack addons by Deviss and Tripider. Deviss for various clone/stormtrooper skins. Teancum for the Naboo pilot model used in the Suun Ra Defense side and the New Republic Soldier model. (released in his infantry side) DARTHD.U.C.K. Nar Shadaa Building assets, remapped clone trooper kinetosimpetus for Hyena Bomber, Imperial Heavy Repeater, DH-17 Blaster, a295 Blaster Rifle Tripider and Sereja For the Rebel Captain Model. Parhicida: Boba's Rifle CodaRez for The Reublic Sniper Rifle All Dlt19 and Dlt20 models were made by myself from stock pandemic assets. Inspiration from Maveritchell:) Deviss and RogueKnight For DC-18 pistol Broken_Hope for custom lightsaber hilts RepSharpshooter for SWBF2 1.2 assets Teancum for Quinlan Vos and luke skywalker skin from his heroes assests. Pandemic for all the assets and making this mod and all others possible. Gametoast for the immense amount of swbf2 modding knowledge. thank you guys.


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