Swamp City Battle

This is an updated version of DragonX95's Swamp City Battle map.

There aren't a lot of changes although the file siz...


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This is an updated version of DragonX95's Swamp City Battle map.

There aren't a lot of changes although the file size has increased signifently it seems the author accidentally munged sides even though the map doesn't use them and they take up an extra 173 MB when unzipped. Anyway most of the props have been colored to make it look more like a swamp and he also added a few new props and buildings. The cave still has a few bugs and if you get caught in certain spots than you will die and the AI still get caught in some places especially at CP 0 . Something to note its best not to spawn at the cave (CP 5) because you will fall through the ground or get caught and die and this also effects the sides it seems that whichever team gets the cave is also the team that will be behind a lot in reinforcements (in my case Republic and the Empire). Although there are still a few bugs its an improvement.

Give it a download if it sounds good.

~Delta 47

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Download 'scb.zip' (108.32MB)

Version 1.9 of my map, To install this map, place the folder: SCB into the addon folder and you're set to go. (after moving SCB from Swamp City Battle)
This is simply a fight in a city thats in a swamp (and to see if i can get my map making skills back in order)
ZidZabre-For making the companion cube for JKA3
Iryni Forge-For some of the Textures of the kotor models
Squipple-For the crystal Textures and some other models
The cd player-helping me with adding the Underhanded machinegun (which failed)
Dr. Tourny-Helping me with the ZE tools and the green reskins
Hero_Unit-For helping me with some "Stupid" questions i had
Fiodis: For numerous things, sky and helping me with my CP bugs.
Andeweget-for the models
Beta Testers:

And obviously i feel like as if this list is too short so if i forgot anyone uh just let me know
Also this map may not be redistrubuted unless permission is given by me

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