SWBF 1 Conversion Pack (1.76 Patch)



Okee dokee. Here's a patch for the recently released 1.75 version of the SWBF1 Conversion Pack. It fixes a lot of things which I'm sure everyone can appreciate. So anyone who has downloaded the pack, or plans on downloading it, needs to download this as well.

For a full description of the known bugs and the bugs fixed in the pack consult the ReadMe. If you ask a question that was answered in the ReadMe I'll slap you! Enjoy! :)


THIS PATCH ONLY WORKS WITH 1.75. Both 1.75 and this patch are outdated, look for a new version of the Conversion Pack soon from Gametoast.



Use the installer to extract to /Star Wars Battlefront II/Gamedata. Overwrite any files it asks you to.

BUGFIXES:(thanks to [GT]Cmdr_Fusion for keeping track)

Cloud City:
Max height lowered
Camera shots are correct
GCW 1-flag should be fixed

Y-Wing Fixed
ARC Gunship explosion FX fixed
X-Wing proton torpedos fixed

Order 66 fixed

Death Star:
CW Holocron now works
Fixed a bug where the Holocron would spawn outside the map

Order 66 fixed

Crashes fixed

Tantive IV:
Added [RDH]Zerted's updated Deathmatch mode

Space Muunilinst:
Numerous fixes
Added TDF

Space Rhen Var:
Fixed Assault mode
Added TDF
KNOWN BUGS: --Please don't mention them
Order 66 mode lists Jedi as [NULL]
Localization bugs abound. There's still lots to do there
Classic Conquest mode is not finished, so please ignore all CC bugs for now


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