SWBF 2 Wallpaper

Wallpaper for SWBF 2. See screenshot below.


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Wallpaper for SWBF 2. See screenshot below.

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Download 'swbf_ii_wallpaper.zip' (1.16MB)

Star Wars: Battlefront II Wallpaper


This is a wallpaper that I made for the Star Wars: Battlefront Art Competition at the Gamespot SWBF II forums. Each picture is from one of the different tribute videos that I have made (Apart from the one of Grevious).


In order to set this wallpaper as your desktop, rightclick on the "SWBF II Wallpaper" file and choose "Set as desktop background".

-Credit and Closure-

- You may use this wallpaper however you wish, just be sure to credit me when not having it for private use.

- The official SS homepage can be found at www.freewebs.com/supershadowman
It contains a picture album with +400 funny pictures from SWBF and SWBF II, some SWBF II tribute videos and even a free downloadable RPG! The site is now being updated more often as well, and a forum is being constructed. If you wish to contact Super Shadowman, go there.

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