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I'm usually pretty quick to dismiss startup screens as being a waste of time, but this set of startup screens, by Toby1994, is actually pret...


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I'm usually pretty quick to dismiss startup screens as being a waste of time, but this set of startup screens, by Toby1994, is actually pretty cool.

I'm not sure exactly where the concept/promo art came from, but it looks pretty neat. The game's four factions are each represented in a splash screen alongside a menu bar for four of the menus. The Republic's splash screen is the main startup menu screen, all the others show up in various different places. (Although you could obviously easily switch those around if you wanted. Give it a try or at least a look, because it does look pretty nice.


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Download 'swbfii_starting_menu.zip' (8.97MB)

====================STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II================
==========================STARTING MENU=====================
This is a new starting menu for Star Wars Battlefront 2. There
are new sounds for this menu, too.
Main menu: The Republic, three clone trooper on Geonosis
Extras: The Rebellion, three soldiers and in the bacground the destroyed imperial shelter on Endor.
Help: The Empire, a stormtrooper with an imperial officer and a sniper. In the background, an AT-AT, AT-ST and a TIE-Fighter with the second Death Star.
Options: CIS, the droids on Geonosis with some verhicels

Replace the original folder with the folder in the ZIP-folder.
You can find the "Pages" folder in C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront 2/install
To install the new sounds replace the original file with the
sounds in the ZIP-Folder.
Becauser I'm from Germany this Readme-file isn't so long. For more
informations read the german Readme-file!

Dies ist ein neues Startmenü für Star Wars Battlefront II.
Zusätzlich befinden sich im diesem Menü-Pack noch neue Sounds
für das Menü.
Die beiden Menübildschirme "Install" und "Preoptions" sind wie 
ürsprünglich geblieben, weil man sie sowieso nicht im Menü sieht.

Als erstes ein Backup, das heißt eine Sicherungskopie, des original 
Pages-Ordner machen. Dazu den Ordner kopieren und am besten unter
"Eigene Dateien" einfügen. Oder den Ordner dort hin verschieben.
Zum Installieren des neuen Menü Starbildschirms, den extrahierten WinZip
Ordner "Pages" in die Spieldatei unter C:ProgrammeLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront II/Install einfügen
Installation des Sounds:
Zum Installieren die extrahierten Sounds mit dem Dateiformat .wav in
C:ProgrammeLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIInstallaudio
Vorher aber die original Sounds verschieben. Auf den Desktop zum Beispiel.


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