This viewer by Tipam is actually a pretty useful piece of software - for those of you that don't know, it's a lot easier to check out which...

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File Description

This viewer by Tipam is actually a pretty useful piece of software - for those of you that don't know, it's a lot easier to check out which meshes are which by viewing them before actually munging them into your mod/map by checking them out in a mesh viewer. Before now, our options have been limited to 3D Object Converter (which is pretty good, and what I've used) or Unwrap3D - which is also pretty good (and has much more functionality as a tool than just a viewer), but in my mind was not as intuitive as 3DOC.

To my great and pleasant surprise, Tipam's mesh viewer is much more functional as a viewing tool (to be fair - those other applications were designed as more than just viewing tools) than either 3DOC or Unwrap3D, in my opinion. It's easily as functional as using XSI to check out a model, minus the hassle of importing it and then reapplying textures.

For those of you that know what the use of a mesh viewer is, I highly recommend this simple and easy tool. It's great for checking out meshes (which is vital to efficient mapping) and especially great to use for referencing new model textures - many of the issues 3DOC had with showing hidden meshes overlapping visible meshes are not a problem here.

Definitely worth your time.


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Star Wars Battlefront Viewer
7/9/2008, Version 0.01 BETA
By Tipam, Copyright (c) 2008
Website: http://sites.google.com/site/swbfmodding

Examine SWBF MSH (model) files from both BF1 & 2

Opening a MSH file
1. You must download the ModTools for either BF1 or BF2 - MSH files cannot be extracted directly from the game.

2. Open a MSH file from the File>Open menu and locate the BF1 or BF2 mod tools directories (either the C:LucasArtsBFBuilder or C:BF2_ModTools)

3. Search for MSH directories and look for .MSH files within ModTools and open them

4. Locate a MSH directory in windows and drag n drop a MSH file onto the viewer

Navigating in the viewer
1. Walk mode
a. Select the icon with the small man in it
b. Click and drag the left mouse button in the viewer window and push forward/left/right/back to walk around
2. Examine mode
a. select the icon with the two circular arrows
b. Click and drag the left mouse button to rotate the model in space
c. Use the mouse wheel to push the model forward or back

Arrows keys - walk forward/back/left/right
A - Elevation up
Z - Elevation down

Menu options
File>Open - load MSH files
File>Export - save a MSH file as VRML (also exports PNG textures)

Show>Debug Window - Displays the MSH keys and some detailed information

Help>About - Copyright and disclaimer info


This software is provided "AS IS". Absolutely no responsibility can be taken by the author of this software for any loss or damage. Use this software entirely at your own risk. The author does not provide any support for this software whatsoever although feedback is welcome.

This software is not made, distributed, or supported by LucasArts, a Division of LucasFilm Entertainment Company Ltd. Elements TM & © LucasArts, 
a Division of LucasFilm Entertainment Company Ltd.

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