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Since his last release, imperial droid has found an efficient new way of packaging files into installers which vastly reduces time downloadi...


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Since his last release, imperial droid has found an efficient new way of packaging files into installers which vastly reduces time downloading/uploding and handling it. If you haven't got it already or were planning to, I suggest you get this one instead.


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Download 'bf2spr_v11.0.zip' (77KB)

TITLE: “Space Realism MOD Civil War Era” 
VERSION: For PC v1.0
AUTHOR: Chris Cholewa a.k.a. Imperial Droid
CONTACT: [email protected]
WEBSITE: www.pctechpro.net/swbf2

COPYRIGHTS: Please respect the author’s work. You may not modify or redistribute this mod on CD or DVD media without the author’s permission. You may not charge money for this mod it is to be released as free. You may upload it to your own server or website for distribution as long as you keep the mod unmodified with all original work. With the author’s permission you may modify this mod so long as you give the original author a credit for original work.

DESCRIPTION: “Space Realism MOD Civil War Era”. This mod makes space battles more realistic and challenging it is work in progress. All star-fighter ships in Civil War Era (tie fighter, tie interceptor, tie bomber, landing craft, x-wing, a-wing, y-wing, and alliance assault craft) have been modified. So far in version 1.0 their hull damage, limited amount of missiles has been modified. Using this mod each star-fighter has limited amount of missiles you no longer have unlimited amount of missiles. Make every missile count! Also hull damage was greatly reduced and was tweaked to better reflect the movie realism specifications for each ship.

INSTALLATION: Unzip BF2SpR_v1.0.zip to an empty folder. There you will find two files one is called BF2SpR_v1.0.exe and the second is called BF2RestoreSpR_v1.0.exe. 

BF2SpR_v1.0.exe is installing program for the Space Realism mod version 1.0

BF2RestoreSpR_v1.0.exe is restoring program that will restore your game files to original condition as it was before installing the Space Realism mod version 1.0.

To install Space Realism mod version 1.0 simply run BF2SpR_v1.0.exe and follow onscreen instructions. To restore your game to original condition run BF2RestoreSpR_v1.0.exe and follow onscreen instructions. 

You can now start the game and play or connect online to servers that host this mod. Note to people who want to host this: You and people who want to play this mod both need this mod for it to work online. Not having all the necessary files may result in crash to desktop when connecting to a server hosting this mod.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Creating mod for SWBF2 as of 11-12-05 is difficult because no tools have yet been released for SWBF2. My work is based on try and error. This is work in progress so I will constantly upgrade this mod until it reflects as close to the movie specs as possible. For ship specs I use info from games like: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, Tie Fighter and X-Wing Alliance.  

TO ALL WHO WILL HOST THIS MOD, PLEASE TITLE YOUR SERVER something like this “SpaceRealismMODv1.0” and inform them where they can download this mod.

DECLAIMER: As a result of using this mod the author will not be responsible for any damage this mod my cause to your game or computer. You the user agree to use this mod at your own risk.

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