Taris: Sky High

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Originally added 5-24-2010

Tech: 9
Balance: 9
Quality: 10
FunFactor: 10
Stability: 10
Creativity: 9
Item Placement: 10
Size vs. Usefulness: 10 

Overall Rating: 9.6


Jaspo is back with an updated version of his Taris contest map- Taris: Sky High. Given that the first version of the map did not get a proper review (being a contest map and all), this is the first formal review of the map- and I'm honored to be giving it.

Regardless, Taris: Sky High is a map set on Taris (surprising, right?). Much like the author's previous works, pretty much the entire map (this is buildings, platforms, objects, etc) was created by him. This is quite impressive, and it allows for much more planned and playable maps. The map is centered around dogfighting as well as ground combat, and both of these are implemented fairly well. The ground combat takes place in a complex of buildings high off the ground, as well as some platforms from which fighters can take off and land. There are a few vehicles placed around for land usage, though these aren't of much help given the tight quarters of most combat on the map. Most of the map's focus is on starfighter combat above the clouds, so there are plenty of fighters located throughout the map.

This aforementioned air combat is indeed rather fun. It's challenging without being annoying, and is implemented well. You fly up above a cloud layer and into a very open space in which you can run around with your fighter buddies and shoot people down. I liked the cloud layers- it felt like entering a whole other world and made me forget all about the battles taking place down below. While some more room to maneuver would have been appreciated, it's still fun to play in the world above the clouds.

Graphically speaking, the map is impressive. If anything had to be said negatively about the map, it would probably be the somewhat uniform color scheme. Most of the map is a sort of light purplish/tan color, and the parts that aren't stick to the same palette. That's not to say that it's sloppy or not well done- textures are top notch and it all looks real- it's just slightly boring to look at such a well done environment in such drab colors. Object placement is very good, and overall the map is quite impressive, especially considering it was all specially made.

Overall, I would highly recommend this map. It's fun to play, rather unique in its layout, and the amount of work put into it shows. It's a small file too, so it's well worth your download.




Taris: Sky High 1.1

by Commander Jaspo

A much improved version from 1.0, which was the Taris map contest entry.
I promised to release a fixed/better version of this when I made the lazer tag mod, so here it is.

Interior/Exterior Ground/Air battle on, in, and above the skyscrapers of Taris.

GCW/CW Conquest, 1 and 2 flag CTF; KotOR Conquest; and also lazer tag if you have that nifty little mod of mine installed.

Extract the TS2 folder and put it in your addon folder.
f you do not have an addon folder, make one in
C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData

All level assets were created by me.
All game assets were created by LucasArts/Pandemic, except for the KotOR era and sides, which were created by Maveritchell.

Changes since 1.0:
-Added flyer splines
-Increased the number of flyers
-Added KotOR Conquest
-Created the lazer tag mod
-"Repaired" the triscraper model by making it into two separate models; previously there were many walls without collision
geometry which allowed enemy fire to come at you from pretty much anywhere which was very annoying. This issue seems to be
completely fixed now. All walls and floors seem solid.
-Increased the number of engineers to go with the increased flyer count.
-Solved a huge mystery involving the planning grid and the AI's apparent dislike of acknowledging its existence...
turns out the documentation isn't entirely correct in saying that the y value doesn't matter...it apparently
must be within 100 of objects such as flags and cps and such (this is actually evident in Zero Editor. The height can only
be set to 100, no higher, whereas with barriers it can be set to 1000. Well, so anyway, all of my stuff was between a
height of 600 and 700 (what with being "Sky High" and all), so I opened up the TS2.PLN file with notepad, and used the
replace function to change all of the 0.000000s (the y coordinate for each hub) to 600.000000. One munge and problem solved.

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