Tartaglia: Mt. Osapheus

Tartaglia: Mt. Osapheus, by DarkSamus, is a basic conquest map centered around a hill.

Despite its creative name, it's pretty much the sa...


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Tartaglia: Mt. Osapheus, by DarkSamus, is a basic conquest map centered around a hill.

Despite its creative name, it's pretty much the same-old-same-old beginner map, complete with Yavin sky, Yavin textures, the four original CP locations, and for good measure some misplaced props thrown in.

Beyond that, there's not much else to say. The author did try and mix it up by using some Yavin props, but as mentioned, they're poorly placed and have obvious gaps to run under/through. There are also some strange discolorations on the ground where it looks like the author used the color brush and forgot about it.

So what can be improved (it is, after all, a "beta")? Well, the stock sky needs to go, the ground textures could be changed a little, the terrain needs to be smoothed (even if you want a hill, it's much better to use the blend tool to make it natural-looking), and the AI needs pathing. Oh, and of course, careful attention to object placement needs to happen.

I don't want to take the punch out of anyone, so it's worth mentioning that a lot of newbie maps look like this, but by the same token a lot of maps need a lot of work to be good, playable maps. So don't give up, make some changes, and we'll see what happens next time.


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Download 'tar.zip' (5.51MB)

          A land of rolling plains and ancient civilization, Tartaglia is a scenic planet, especially when seen from the summit of Mount Osapheus. 
          In the Clone Wars era, Tartaglia has been seized by the Confederacy. Trees have been cut, structures have been broken, and the planet has been ravaged. The clones, led by General Kenobi, have planned an operation to take Tartaglia by force. In the valley at the foot of the towering Mount Osapheus, the clones make their final preparations to eliminate the CIS occupation.
          During the Galactic Civil War, the Imperial Corps of Engineers has discovered a vast deposit of steel and duracite ores, of the kind used to drive the Imperial machine of war. The rebels have been alerted to the Emperor's intentions by a spy within the ranks of the stormtroopers. They form a task force to prevent the Empire from procuring these precious materials.

        First off, this is my first map, ever. Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed. 
	Second, this is only the beta version, as I couldn't get the Felucia sky to work for me. 
The sky is completely black. As soon as I can solve this and any other bugs that may appear, I will be releasing the 1.0 version. 
If anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. 
	The concept behind the map was to simply have a King of the Hill battle. 
When browsing through this website, I notice that there aren't a lot of those.
	Follow these instructions to play this map in SWBF2: Go into your computer folders. 
Go to Local Disk C, go into Program Files, and into your Lucasarts folder. Once there, open the star wars battlefront 2 folder,
go into gamedata, and make a new folder there. 
Name it "addon" (no quotes, no caps). When extracting the files from the ZIP, place the 3 letter map folder in addon. 
(The map name for this map is TAR). 
Run Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Tartaglia should appear in the instant action map list.
	Please, please, please, help me fix the black sky!!!! And to everyone: Enjoy!

	- DarkSamus

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