Tatooine: Arnthout

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Clone Wars: A large city located in the mountainous regions of Tatooine, is known to contain a large droid manufacturing facility. The Republic forces are launching a large assault on the town in an attempt to seize and destroy the factory.

Galactic Civil War: Rebel forces are known to have a large base situated in the city of Arnthout. The Empire is launching an assault on the town in an attempt to destroy the Rebel base and eradicate the Rebel forces in the area.



Tatooine: Arnthout - A Battlefront II map by Ferret

Installation instructions:

1. Download the zip file.
2. Open the zip with Winzip or your preferred zip program and extract the files to your Addon Folder located 
    in the Battlefront II Gamedata folder.
3. If there isn't an Addon folder in your Gamedata folder, you will need to make one.
4. Run the game, choose Instant Action, and select Tatooine: Arnthout
5. Add to your clan's server...  ;)

Note: The latest Battlefront II patch is required to run this map.

Upcoming in v1.1 Final:

- Medical Droids and Ammunition Droids will be added
- Turrets will be added in various locations
- New Clone, CIS, and Empire skins
- Skiffs and other vehicles will be added
- Music will be added to the Cantina
- Any reported bugs will be repaired

If you find any bugs, report them to the forum you found this file from.

Do NOT modify this map without first consulting me. You may certainly NOT re-release it on
your own accord. 

Ferret. All Rights Reserved, 2006

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