Tatooine Desert War

With TheAlpha_07's Tatooine Desert War we once again revisit that more-important-than-it-should be dustball home planet of the Skywal...


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With TheAlpha_07's Tatooine Desert War we once again revisit that more-important-than-it-should be dustball home planet of the Skywalkers. The map is created with primarily Tatooine: Dune Sea assets, and to no great suprise, feels very similar in execution to that map.

It's worth noting that this is the author's first map. For a first map I noticed a lot of things done well that first-time mappers usually miss out on - there's a different skydome, animated props were used, and lighting was added. I'm especially a fan of that last one; good lighting can be really helpful to making a map look polished.

There are some weaknesses as well, though. For one, the map is too darn big. A good try at remedying this was made by adding lots of speeders and other vehicles, but the real problem lies in the fact that the AI combat moves very slowly on big maps, and the speeders did not aid a solution to this. Secondly - and the biggest problem, which will no doubt make some not want to download this - is the filesize. There appear to have been very minor changes to the sides, but these sides changes were done by changing the entire side. As a result, there are about 6 stock sides in the addon folder's side folder, which makes the map more than ten times the size it needs to be - literally. It would also be nice if the author took the time to add in the correct shipped sounds for the GCW vehicles.

It's too bad that the map is so large, because it's not a bad map - in fact, filesize aside, it's easily well above average for first-time maps. However - a suggestion to the author - getting the filesize optimized would be the first thing I would work on before I plan to release another version of this or a different map.


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Download 'tsr.rar' (221.67MB)

Tatooine Desert War 

3 AT-TE 
4 LAAT/i 
2 Droidfighter 
8 Snailtanks 
8 Speederbikes 
10 STAPs 

and a lot of Clones and Droids ;) 

It is Tatooine Desret War, a map with a little city and a huge desert. The city is in a canyon. 
This is my first map so sorry if it isn't so good. I really hard worked by the sides for a realistically map. 
There are some new skins. So my English isn't the best, so maybe the pictures say more than my words. 

Bugs: The dust from the droideka doesn't work right. 
The LAATs fly sometimes against rocks. 
If I had forgotten something sorry. 

Installation: Copy the folder "TSR" to your "Star Wars Battlefront2/GameData/AddOn" directory. 

Made by TheAlpha_07 (battlefrontfiles) 
Alpha_07 (GT)

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